15 December 2017

A Busy Mother’s Hidden Longing

I wanted to know God better.

I wanted to grow spiritually.

I wanted to get to grips with His Word.

God directed me to BSF.

BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) is an international organisation that runs in-depth Bible studies around the world. We are privileged to have a ladies’ class here in Northern Ireland.

There are four aspects to BSF’s approach to its Bible study:

1 questions to be answered at home

2 group discussion

3 a lecture

4 detailed notes provided

The questions that we are required to complete at home are based on the passage that will be studied the following week. These questions often require cross referencing, thus helping us get to know our Bible better and there are always questions designed to make us think about our own lives in the light of what we have just studied. God has shown me many wrong attitudes and habits that need to be addressed as I have gone through my questions day by day. BSF encourages us to answer our questions without access to commentaries and to rely only on the Holy Spirit to teach us – and He does!

At the start of each meeting we spend some time in discussion groups where ladies of various ages and backgrounds discuss the answers to their questions. It is also an opportunity to share what God has been saying to us individually and to support each other in prayer. I have made some wonderful new friends.

After discussion time, our teaching leader delivers a lecture on the passage we’ve been discussing. This is verse by verse instruction on the passage with lots of application to our lives. I always leave the study challenged about some aspect of my life. I joked once with our teaching leader that it seemed as if she and the Lord got together and God said, “I want you to speak about …. as I need to get Helen sorted out in that area.” Then I realised that actually they do get together! BSF is bathed in prayer and God is using it to change lives.

The printed notes that we are sent home with each week give further detailed information on the passage. They provide useful background information, lots of cross referencing and there is a heavy emphasis on application. Included in the notes, are the questions for the following week’s passage.

An added benefit for my family, is that my two boys, aged 9 and 11, are able to attend a children’s class that runs alongside the ladies’ class. It has a similar approach to the adult class in that questions need to be completed at home, these are discussed in class and a lecture on the passage is given. Most weeks the children also learn a memory verse and are taught homiletics. My boys thoroughly enjoy their time at BSF. Their comments have been; “Oh Mummy, that sermon was just for me tonight!” and “I just love homiletics!” They are being given a terrific foundation in Bible study for which I am most thankful.

BSF meets every Tuesday evening from 7pm to 9pm at Castlereagh Gospel Hall, Belfast. It is open to all ladies of any denomination and at any stage of their walk with the Lord. There is no charge for attending the study. It is hoped that a men’s class will begin soon.

Helen Taylor

For more information on BSF please contact Rosemary Adams on 07960950903 or 90826248 or visit the website www.bsfinternational.org