17 December 2017


Catherine Campbell
Catherine Campbell lives in Coleraine with her husband Philip. They have three children; a married son, two daughters in Heaven and a beautiful granddaughter. A former nurse, Catherine has been involved in ministry to women for many years. In 2008 she saw her first two books published. Being no stranger to heartache, Catherine’s desire is to see people live in the promises of God, and to become passionate followers of Jesus whatever their situation in life.
Chris and Susan Cordner
Chris & Susan have been married for 34 years. They rejoice in the privilege of having 7 children and 5 grandchildren. Chris worked for 23 years as an educational psychologist on the North Coast and is currently attending Union College preparing to be a Presbyterian minister. Susan works as an accredited counsellor/psychotherapist as well as supervising and training other counsellors. They both have a desire for people to enjoy healthy relationships with all members of their family and with God.
David McLaughlan
David McLaughlan used to write whatever paid the bills. Now he writes about the important things; faith, family and friends. It probably won't ever make him rich, but it sure does make his heart sing! David lives in Ayrshire, Scotland, with Julie and the rest of their clan.
Desi Alexander
Dr Desi Alexander is senior lecturer in Biblical Studies at Union Theological College & associate director for Post-graduate Studies in the Institute of Theology at Queen’s University, Belfast. An elder in Fitzroy Presbyterian Church, he is passionately committed to helping others understand better the Bible. He has written various books, his most recent being From Eden to the New Jerusalem and Discovering Jesus.
Desi Maxwell
Desi Maxwell was born in the middle of the last century and is getting more excited about the Bible as he grows older. After several years of pastoral work in Canada and Ireland, he taught for twenty years in Belfast Bible College. Just over three years ago, he and his wife, Heather, founded Xplorations, a teaching ministry aimed at helping people rediscover the Hebraic roots of their faith. Heather and Desi have two adult daughters
Gemma Wilson
Gemma grew up in Geneva, Switzerland. Upon moving back to the UK, she studied at QUB and later at Canterbury Christchurch. A teacher by trade, she splits her time working with children, writing & researching, and participating in the counter-human trafficking initiative in NI.
Jill Harshaw
Jill teaches Practical Theology at Belfast Bible College where she also oversees the spiritual life of the Community. She loves her job!
John Matthews
John grew up among the rolling hills of Co. Tyrone and after Bible College went with Acre Gospel Mission to Brazil along with his wife Hazel.  During their five years in the Amazon their two children were born.  The next assignment was to the same Faith Mission Bible College in Edinburgh, this time as a staff member with lecturing among his responsibilities.  After 20 years at the College in Edinburgh John went on to a management position in the Faith Mission Irish Bookshops where he is at present.
Laurence Kirkpatrick
Laurence Kirkpatrick is a native of Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim. Educated at Methodist College, Belfast, Queens University and the University of Glasgow, he has been Professor of Church History in Union Theological College since 1996. He is author of two books, Presbyterians in Ireland (2006) and Made in China (2008) and several journal articles. His specialist history areas are; the early Church, Irish History, and 19th&20th century Irish Presbyterian missionary activity in China and India.
Lindsey Ile
Lindsey grew up in the USA, where she worked for a culinary company and graduated from Moody Bible Institute studying Women’s Ministries. Lindsey is a coordinator for the Women’s Study Fellowship at Belfast Bible College and started the Cooking For Christ ministry combining her love for God and her love for cooking. Lindsey and her husband Cristian hope to do missions overseas after he finishes his PhD.
Mitch is co-founder and evangelist with Crown Jesus Ministries in Belfast. He has a deep desire to share the message of Jesus.
A popular speaker and author his energy, wit and passion allows him to communicate in a relevant way to today’s society.  Mitch is also a member of Fire Fighters for Christ and an associate of J.John.
He is a keen Chelsea F.C supporter, loves curry and is married to Amanda. They have two children, eight fish and a dog.
Noel Davidson
Dr. Noel Davidson is a retired Primary School Principal who has been writing books for the past 20 years. He and his wife Liz live in Larne and they have two married sons and four grandchildren, Noel’s style of writing, which has been described as a ‘subtle blend of simplicity, accuracy and authority,’ has proved popular with the Christian reading public over the last two decades.
Ruth Uehle
Ruth Uehle lives in Dongola, Illinois where she publishes a weekly newspaper. She grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and loves, writing, photography, and working with kids at her church.
Sidlow McFarland
Sidlow McFarland has had a long ministry in Belfast, Maghera and Carrickfergus. Strong and clear on the evangelical faith, he has also stressed its social outworking. His personal motto is “Not in weakness but in power; not in the flesh but in the Spirit; not for man’s glory but for your glory alone, O God.”
Vi Dawson
Vi is a busy mum to two teenage daughters.  She lives in Ballymena and teaches in a local primary school.  An active member of her local church, she is involved in the children's work and teaches Sunday School.  She has been involved in broadcasting and is a regular contributor to Thought for the Day on Radio Ulster.  A widow, Vi is involved in telling the good news of salvation and encouraging Christians through the spoken and written word.  
Victor Maxwell
Victor Maxwell, President of Acre International, is completing fifty years of Christian ministry this year.  During this time he has served God as a missionary, pastor, evangelist and is the author of more than twenty publications.  He continues in his itinerant ministry in United Kingdom, USA and Brazil.
Zuzana Polackova
Zuzana was born into a non religious home in the Slovak Republic. At university in her home country she studied Agriculture and Horticulture, before doing her Masters in Landscape Architecture, during which she studied in both Slovakia and Norway with an internship in the US. During her mission work in Nepal, God called her to study at Belfast Bible College for a year and she is currently working as project co-ordinator for Herd Trust, both at home and overseas.