15 December 2017


ACET has been at the forefront of Sexual Health and Drugs & Alcohol related issues in Northern Ireland. For more than 20 years we have been providing preventive education, training and care. Since 1990 more than 150,000 people have accessed ACET’s Health Education Services. These services are underpinned by consistent statutory funding from the Public Health Agency and local Health Trusts.

ACET (Northern Ireland) is a voluntary sector charitable organisation with a Christian ethos. We have matched a compassionate response to these issues and the needs of people affected, with professionalism and quality standards. Our goal is to empower people to make healthy choices, reducing their level of risk to infection, unplanned pregnancy and the effects of drug and alcohol misuse.

Established in 1990 to provide HIV Education in Northern Ireland, over the years we have evolved into a Health Education and Training agency working not only on HIV but also all related Sexual Health and Drugs and Alcohol issues. We have also expanded to work overseas.

We also provide care and support for young people living with HIV in Northern Ireland and support a number of projects in Africa and Asia working with people living with HIV and related issues.

Care and Support Services

ACET operates a Care and Support Service for young people living with HIV infection in Northern Ireland.

ACET works in partnership with the Social Service Team at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast to provide this service. The Royal Victoria Hospital is the main testing and treatment centre for HIV in Northern Ireland. Services are provided by trained ACET staff working with the young people on an individual basis and also with weekend residential and information days.

We envisage this service increasing in the years ahead and at the request of Social Services are currently planning to expand service to include adults. We will also continue to support projects doing similar work overseas in South Africa and Kazakhstan.

Health Education & Training Services in Northern Ireland.

The aim of ACET’s services is to assist in the prevention of the spread of HIV, and the other Sexually Transmitted Infections; reduce the rate of unplanned and teenage pregnancy and to reduce the level of misuse of Drugs and Alcohol.

ACET has developed a comprehensive model for our community based Health Education & Training Services. We work with small groups in multisession programmes. We write the multisession programmes to suit the needs of the people attending. The programmes are accredited by the Open College with defined learning aims, objectives, outcomes and assessment criteria.

Although our services are available to all members of the public, our work is focused on the needs of the most socially and economically disadvantaged members of our communities, due to their increased vulnerability.

ACET writes and provides accredited Training Courses to equip Caring Professionals and Community Workers to become providers of Health Education, on Sexual Health, Drugs and Alcohol and Parent/Child Communication Skills. These accredited Training Courses are accessed by nurses, social workers, youth and community workers, and staff from addiction services and homeless hostels.

Training Services Overseas

ACET provides accredited Training Courses for community educators working in NGOs in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Africa.

These accredited Training Courses provide NGO staff with a qualification in Sexual Health Education, assisting them in their work to reduce the spread of HIV, STIs and the incidence of unplanned and teenage pregnancy in their communities.

This qualification not only develops their knowledge and skills but also gives them a more attractive professional status with potential funding sources.

The Future

We are planning to further develop both our Health Education & Training Services and our Care & Support Services in Northern Ireland and overseas in the next 5 years. We are inspired by the ever growing need and assisted by consistent and increasing funding to provide these essential services.

Gary Crothers – Director ACET (Northern Ireland) Ltd.