15 December 2017

Alternative Christmas Gifts

Do you want to make a difference to the lives of others throughout the world this Christmas?

Then consider alternative Christmas gifts!

Alternative gifts are a unique way in which you can bless both family and friends, and also help those who are in need. With gifts starting at £2, you will find one to suit any age and interest and you can be assured that you will be helping Care for Cambodia, Sat-7 or CBM to provide practical and spiritual help and support to those in need.

We have only been able to include a small sample of the gifts available but please see the full range of gifts on-line or by sending for the brochures. Make a difference in someone’s life this Christmas!

Chickens – £3 per chicken

In rural Cambodia, raising chickens can help to provide a family with some much needed protein. Eggs will be eaten or sold depending on how many are produced. Either way, this purchase will allow a family to support itself and help to encourage independence in improving living standards.

Bicycle – £35 per bicycle

Some children have a long distance to walk to school each day. The bicycles that are purchased through the alternative gift scheme will be distributed to children who are most in need of transport.

Khmer Bible – £5 per Bible

Many poor Christians do not have access to a Bible. Purchasing a Bible for a Cambodian Christian is a really special thing. New Christians are hungry to read God’s word. Access to the scriptures also helps to protect them from religious mistruths that are rife in Cambodia.

To purchase a gift: Visit the website: www.careforcambodia.org.kh or contact: Tel. 078 3838 4845 CFC Alternative Gifts 35 Manse Road Newtownards Co Down Northern Ireland BT23 4TP

Care for Cambodia (CfC) is a Christian ministry which provides humanitarian care and educational support for 70 rural villages throughout cambodia. It aims to promote sustainable development through empowering locals to strive for a better life for themselves. CfC also has a children’s home for over sixty orphaned and rescued children. It is based just outside Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. It also financially supports the work of over 1200 children in over 60 villages throughout the country. CfC is financed entirely by voluntary contributions. You can support the work of Care for Cambodia through the purchase of alternative gifts. CfC has identified the items that are most needed by the people of the villages where they work, and these are available for you to purchase. 100% of the money you give goes to buy the gift.

Developing Leaders £15 will help train and develop Arab church leaders.

Given the unprecedented social unrest that has swept the region, it is more crucial than ever to convey Christ’s message of love, forgiveness and hope, and to develop Christian leaders who can share this message and multiply its impact upon church, country and culture. TEACH (Theological Education for Arab Christians at Home) and LEARN (Leadership Education and Resource Network) are two series that aim to equip and empower new indigenous leaders to take their local churches to a new level of impact, and to encourage and edify the regional Church. Your gift of £15 will contribute towards this much needed programming.

raArab Children – The Next Generation £50 will pay for the broadcast of one episode of the children’s drama, ‘What Shall I Do?’

There are 100 million Arab children under the age of 15 in the MENA region! SAT-7 has been creating cutting-edge children’s programming for the past 15 years and has the only Arabic Christian channel exclusively for children – SAT-7 KIDS. We aim to reach an entire generation of young Arabs with the good news of Christ in a way that’s meaningful to them. The channel broadcasts original dramas, educational shows, cartoons, music programmes and many others that capture the attention of young viewers. Please help us shape the hearts and minds of this young generation.

Families in Afghanistan £5 will help provide families in Afghanistan with a programme in their own language, Dari.

Afghanistan is a country that has suffered much upheaval and violence over the last two decades. Women in particular have found themselves restricted and discriminated against. Domestic violence is common with little access to counselling or legal aid. Dari is one of the official languages of Afghanistan, spoken by 50% of the population. In response to many requests from viewers, SAT-7 PARS is broadcasting a 30 minute programme in Dari, entitled “Secret of Life”, focusing on family life and looking at the issues that arise from a Christian perspective. The programme models what Christian relationships look like, giving families the tools to succeed and access to Christian teaching. www.sat7gifts.org

To purchase a gift: Visit the website: www.sat7gifts.org Email: altgifts@sat7trust.org Tel. 012 4976 5865 SAT-7 Trust The Coach House 43 New Road Chippenham Wiltshire SN15 1HL

In the Middle East and North Africa, satellite television is a strategic way of communicating the Gospel, uncensored, directly into millions of homes. SAT-7 is a network of five Christian television channels broadcasting a creative mix of programmes, communicating God’s love in Arabic, Farsi and Turkish. The majority of programmes are made by Middle Eastern Christians in studios in Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey, thus ensuring that Christianity is presented in culturally appropriate ways to the wider population and supporting the Christian community in the region. Satellite TV breaks through the barriers of geography, censorship and illiteracy and SAT-7 is making the Gospel available to those who may have no other means of receiving it, in their own language and in the safety of their own homes. SAT-7 is a charity, supported solely by gifts from Christians in the UK and around the world.