17 February 2018

Ambassadors in Sport


Our tours offer young people an opportunity to experience a different culture, see first hand what God is doing around the world, learn more about themselves and allow God to use them to reach others for Jesus. Football serves as an incredible platform for evangelism and discipleship as we work alongside churches and missionaries all around the world.

Matt Newberry, a member of Bangor Elim Church travelled to Senegal on his first tour in 2006.

“My first trip to Senegal opened my eyes to mission and also helped me grasp that my Christian faith was not separate from my love of football. In fact, it confirmed that there was a significant overlap between my actions during games on Saturday, my participation in Church on Sundays and my daily walk with God. Before the first trip, the idea of ‘football ministry’ was completely alien to me but the Ambassadors tour changed that perception and ultimately gave me a natural and relevant way to share my faith in a context best suited to my gifts and passions.”

His experiences in Africa ultimately changed his life and he returned to Senegal the following year as well as getting more involved in the work of AIS. He goes on to say that this “taught me to combine my faith and my love of football. It equipped me and gave me the confidence to embrace the football culture and through it to actively share my faith.”

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