15 December 2017

“…and finally.”

They honestly never expected it, not one of them, not even His closest friends. As far as they were concerned it was over, He was dead, buried, no more. They’d seen Him bow His head and give up the ghost, they knew that Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus had taken His lifeless body from the cross, anoint it with myrrh and aloes, wrap it carefully from head to toe in linen and lay it in a tomb. Oh, they knew that the authorities had sealed the entrance with a stone and had placed a 24 hour guard. Yes, He was dead and yet here is this woman Mary Magdalene telling them that she has seen Him, has spoken to Him and He is alive.

I think sometimes familiarity with the story of the resurrection has dulled our senses as to what it must have been like for those disciples to discover that Jesus had risen from the dead. Meeting the Lord three years previously had transformed their lives. Now coming face to face with Him as the resurrected Christ would further change them in a way they never thought possible. Peter who had denied all knowledge of Him with oaths and curses would fearlessly preach the message of salvation to those very men who had conspired to kill his Lord. And what brought about this change? The power of the resurrection. The Lord Jesus had dealt with death in a way no other had or has ever done for He defeated it, is there anything then too hard for Him? No, there is no problem too big for Him, there is no sin too great for Him. On Easter Sunday and every Sunday we worship a risen Christ. The power of His resurrection is available to all who come in repentance to Him, accept His finished work on the cross and trust in Him alone for salvation. Not only that, but the power of His resurrection is available to all who call Him Father. Today, put your hand in His nail pierced hand and know, “I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me.” Phil 4:13

Vi Dawson