13 December 2017

“Behold the Man”

1. Behold the Man, in gracious condescension;

The Son of God now made the Son of Man;

The substitute by Sovereign Love provided,

ordained of God before the world began.

2. Behold the Man, divine compassion showing;

healing the sick, the lame, the deaf, the blind;

By miracles and wondrous signs revealing

the Love of God to sinners of mankind.

3. Behold the Man, by men despised, rejected,

a man of sorrows, and acquaint with grief,

Misunderstood, even by his chosen followers,

and weeping over Jerusalem’s unbelief.

4. Behold the Man, before the Roman governor;

“Let Him be crucified!” the people cry.

Condemned and scourged, led out by Roman soldiers,

nailed to a cross, and lifted up to die.

5. Behold the Man, ‘twixt heaven and earth suspended,

the cry of dereliction rends the air –

“My God, My God, why hast thou me forsaken?”

It is for us he hangs and suffers there.

6. Behold the Man, his mercy still extending;

even as he hangs upon the accursed tree;

A word of comfort to the thief beside Him –

“Today you’ll be in paradise with Me.”

7. Behold the Man – death can no longer hold Him!

Triumphantly He rises from the grave;

Conquering death, and by his power securing

eternal life for those He came to save.

8. Behold the Man, in glory now ascended,

seated on high beside His father’s throne;

The Great High Priest, for sinners interceding,

pleading the cause of those who are His own.

9. Behold the Man, now sending out His servants,

to gather His elect from every land.

To every kindred, tongue and tribe, and nation,

the gospel call goes forth: “Behold the Man!”


Donald McKay