13 December 2017

Best trick

Having  just watched an amazing magician I was left wondering, “How did he do that?” Did it take a vast amount of pre-planning, staging, or was it a simple case of misdirection? Magic tricks are big business at the moment. We are seeing a resurgence of Illusionists on our television screens as our staple entertainment on a Saturday night, and October always places people’s focus on tricks.

So why does the modern world bother with magicians and illusionists in a world of 3D cinema, internet and Steven Spielberg? Maybe it’s because the modern approach is different, a fresh take on the old illusions of escapology and vanishing animals.

Perhaps it’s the low-key, close-up style rather than mega hyped spectacles. Perhaps it’s simply because people still want to be surprised, hoping to experience something original, different and inexplicable.

People often ask the same of faith. In this world of technology and science the notion that people still believe in a Creator genius is one that many find bizarre.

As part of God’s creation, we must ask ourselves, “What makes us fill with wonder when we think of the God who created everything and told us about it?” When did we last truly pause for a moment and ask ourselves, “How did He do that?” or “Why did He do this?” Perhaps the last question sticks longer in the mind than the previous one.

The point is, we are hopefully still amazed at some things in life, the killer chord in our favourite tune, the first glance at a newborn child or the fact that we know we are really loved by someone.

What makes us wonder the most when we consider the Scriptures – that Jesus is risen from the dead or that He can forgive the darkest deepest rebellion and sin in our lives?

Behind the closed doors and the line of sight of our closest companions He sees every detail in full. He notes every thought and every word we’ve nearly formed on our tongue. Despite front row seats to every near miss and failure He still does the insane, the crazy, the unbelievable – He forgives and keeps on loving us to infinity and beyond.

Now are we in awe of Him or is there something wrong somewhere that He wants to address? Are you willing to pin Him down and find out what that is so it can be mended? Are you bothered to even ask the question or indeed hear the answer?

Paul McKay