15 December 2017

CONSIDER … The Bible

If I asked you to describe the Bible how would you go about it? People criticise the Bible saying it is unreliable because it doesn’t agree with science or archeology. If the Bible can be shown to be flawed in one area then people feel they have the … [Read more...]

Some Party in Heaven

‘Rejoice Always’ are very pleased to serialise an abridged version of Noel Davidson’s much-loved classic, ‘Some Party In Heaven.’ This series began with our first issue and we now conclude with the final episode. SOME PARTY IN HEAVEN Their … [Read more...]


RNIB Northern Ireland Services RNIB Northern Ireland supports children and adults with sight loss to live full and independent lives. We provide a range of services for people living with sight loss, as well as walk-in centres. Our campaigning … [Read more...]

Anorexia – When Being Good is the Problem?

What makes someone just stop eating? How do we make sense of a mental illness that turns loved ones into strangers and the dining table into a battle-ground? Can the church make a genuine difference to those struggling with eating disorders and if … [Read more...]

International Justice Mission

I Saw What I Saw I saw what I saw and I can’t forget it I heard what I heard and I can’t go back I know what I know and I can’t deny it Something on the road Cut me to the soul Your pain has changed me Your dream inspires Your … [Read more...]

Some Party in Heaven

THE WISE SHEPHERD Immediately after leaving Tom’s house, Hertford and Phyllis returned to Craigavon Hospital. Although Hertford was now rejoicing in his newly-found faith and Phyllis, in turn, was happy for him, their hospital days weren’t … [Read more...]


In June 2011, my husband Brian and I set out on a trip through Malawi and Kenya. Having worked in theological education in Kenya for eight years while our children were younger, we were interested to return to Africa and in particular to meet local … [Read more...]

Introducing Jeff Lucas

“Too Honest for the Church!” “Too honest for the Church” - this is how one pastor described Jeff Lucas, and it is not hard to understand why. This is a man who graciously and lovingly tries to tell the church how things really are. He speaks about … [Read more...]

Some Party in Heaven

STOP THE CAR! STOP THE CAR! It was the morning of the funeral. Thursday 16th November. Silent preparations were being made in the hushed house. Hertford and his brother Tyrell were standing at the back door, having a smoke. They stood on … [Read more...]

What happened when… Onesimus went back?

The day he had longed for arrived, just as the sun began its dawn journey into the sky over Colossae. With the master standing in front of him, the slave quaked. Nervousness was not the usual response of Onesimus when the man who owned him gave out … [Read more...]