19 January 2018

“…and finally . ”

As Christmas approaches, many of us will start writing extensive lists: those for whom we have to buy presents; food that needs to be bought or prepared; guests to invite to various events and celebrations and decorations to make or to bring down … [Read more...]

That Place We Call Home

Sitting in the back of a seven passenger van, I had a partial loaf of French bread and some gouda cheese spread out on my lap. As I was just about to begin eating, the song “This is Home,” by the band Switchfoot, started to play over my earphones. I … [Read more...]


Eric Liddell was a Scot who won a Gold medal in the 1924 Paris Olympics. Then he went to China as a Christian missionary. The movie of his life was called Chariots of Fire. I was a journalist in search of a story. Interviewing the manager of … [Read more...]

Trusting God!

Interview with... Elena Drozdova Many of you will remember the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster in 1986. As a consequence, in the years following many children came to visit families in Northern Ireland. Now 26 years later we meet up with Elena who was … [Read more...]

Crisis Pregnancy Centre Causeway Care in Crisis

For some women finding out they are pregnant is far from a happy occasion. Circumstances may leave them feeling they are in an impossible situation, leading to despair, depression & fear, not knowing where to turn to for support or help. It … [Read more...]


Love for Life tackles the hot topics churches and Christians often neglect! Love for Life is a Christian organisation working throughout Northern Ireland and across Ireland to help young people develop a healthy respect for … [Read more...]

Dress Matters – The Modesty Talk

Growing up in a somewhat American Bible-belt culture, our youth group regularly split into guys’ and girls’ groups, during which “us gals” were given The Modesty Talk. This usually meant a list of do’s and don’ts that translated to teenage girls … [Read more...]

A Flying Visit

Like many other homes, mine is pretty busy over the Christmas period. In the run up to the ‘big day’ there are what seems like a million late night shopping trips; miles of wrapping paper to conceal a ton of presents; dozens of tree-lighting, carol … [Read more...]


“Lord, I am lonesome, please find me a companion, even if he is a bachelor.” This year I will be 100 years ‘young’! God has been faithful to me; although many times I was not. My life’s verse has been Romans 8:28 which has been proven to me over … [Read more...]


Christmas Recipes Nestled in the warmth of our homes we exchange gifts in remembrance of the best gift ever given, Jesus Christ. John 1:17 reveals that Jesus came bringing gifts of grace and truth to the world. The warm roasted red pepper and … [Read more...]