15 December 2017

Consider… The importance of letting go.

A  week ago my sister-inlaw, Charity, turned 21. Many see this as a great opportunity to have a party with friends and family, or perhaps see it as a chance to request a special gift, a keepsake for the years to come – not Charity ... she decided to … [Read more...]

It Is As Simple As A Hug!

The Befrienders ministry began in Whitewell Metropolitan Church in Northern Ireland after a visit by Joni Eareckson Tada. Terri Fairfowl, who today directs this special ministry, had been praying for two years for a work to enable disabled people to … [Read more...]

CONSIDER … Euthanasia…

“The ability to decide when, where and how one’s life will end is the basic human right.” These words are the express opinion of Tony Nicklinson, a 58-year-old man suffering from ‘Locked-in syndrome’ caused by a stroke that occurred seven years … [Read more...]


UCB UK is a national Christian radio station, broadcasting on DAB across the UK. Based in the Commission Studios in Belfast, Juls Martin hosts the evening show, every weeknight. Rejoice Always caught up with Juls, to find out more. Juls Martin has … [Read more...]

News at home & abroad

Celebrating 10 Years of Establishing People in God’s Word In April Precept Ministries NI celebrated 10 years of ministry during a special anniversary dinner of thanksgiving at The Mount Conference Centre, Belfast. Precept NI is part of a larger … [Read more...]


Our society, in an attempt to be tolerant of everyone, is becoming increasingly intolerant of free speech. The opinions and consequent statements made by numerous people could be viewed as intolerant. So where do we draw the line? Is there ever a … [Read more...]

Your Goose is Cooked!

What do you think of when you hear the term, ‘The Reformation’? I guess the minds of many evangelicals turn to the corrupt state of the medieval Catholic Church in early 16th Century and its need to be reformed. The name most readily associated … [Read more...]

Café owner visited by police for displaying bible verses

Late last year the owner of a Christian café in Blackpool was visited by police when a customer complained that she was offended by verses of Scripture that were on display inside the café. Officers with Lancashire Constabulary told the owner to stop … [Read more...]


JESUS CHRIST IS LORD This is the most fundamental, foundational and important of all Christian doctrines. No other doctrine is so denied as that which says that Jesus Christ is God in human flesh. God was ‘contracted to a span’ at the … [Read more...]

No Bitterness!

For those over the age of 40 and who were living in Northern Ireland in the early 80’s, the name of Jennifer Cardy will seem very familiar. At first, you may not remember why. Then the memories of a black and white photo of a lovely smiling little … [Read more...]