19 January 2018


Mission 2013 launched to leaders. Over 1,000 Christian leaders from across the UK (representing an estimated 2 million Christians) attended a special Leader’s Lunch, prior to The National Day of Prayer & Worship at Wembley Stadium. During the … [Read more...]

Faith in Action

Luke Williams, who is 20 years old and studying Theology, travelled as part of Habitat’s Global Village 2012 programme to Ethiopia. Luke shares of his experience: “This summer I was part of a team of 8 which travelled to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia to … [Read more...]

Time to Go Home!

Travel is part of what I do - not who I am, but sometimes that’s how it feels. Friends and family think jet setting round the globe is exotic and I must admit it is a privilege to be able to see the world at someone else’s expense. However after a … [Read more...]


DEBT CHARITY WARNS AGAINST OVERSPENDING AT CHRISTMAS …AND GIVES TEN TOP TIPS FOR HAVING A DEBT-FREE FESTIVE SEASON Debt counselling charity Christians Against Poverty has issued a stark warning of the dangers of relying heavily on credit to … [Read more...]

CONSIDER … The Bible

If I asked you to describe the Bible how would you go about it? People criticise the Bible saying it is unreliable because it doesn’t agree with science or archeology. If the Bible can be shown to be flawed in one area then people feel they have the … [Read more...]


Part 6 - Key Points for Evangelising Muslims As an educated Middle Eastern Muslim, Majed made his pilgrimage to Mecca, the fifth pillar of Islam, at the age of nineteen. But his spiritual journey was to result in a radically different … [Read more...]

“…and finally . ”

As Christmas approaches, many of us will start writing extensive lists: those for whom we have to buy presents; food that needs to be bought or prepared; guests to invite to various events and celebrations and decorations to make or to bring down … [Read more...]

That Place We Call Home

Sitting in the back of a seven passenger van, I had a partial loaf of French bread and some gouda cheese spread out on my lap. As I was just about to begin eating, the song “This is Home,” by the band Switchfoot, started to play over my earphones. I … [Read more...]


Eric Liddell was a Scot who won a Gold medal in the 1924 Paris Olympics. Then he went to China as a Christian missionary. The movie of his life was called Chariots of Fire. I was a journalist in search of a story. Interviewing the manager of … [Read more...]

Trusting God!

Interview with... Elena Drozdova Many of you will remember the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster in 1986. As a consequence, in the years following many children came to visit families in Northern Ireland. Now 26 years later we meet up with Elena who was … [Read more...]