15 December 2017

A Flying Visit

Like many other homes, mine is pretty busy over the Christmas period. In the run up to the ‘big day’ there are what seems like a million late night shopping trips; miles of wrapping paper to conceal a ton of presents; dozens of tree-lighting, carol … [Read more...]

Student exchange

The times ‘they are a changin’… However, for India’s oppressed Dalit people, the pace of that change cannot come fast enough. For 3,000 years, this community has been classed as ‘outside the caste’ system, meaning they are considered unclean and … [Read more...]

A Maldivian Swim

Along with the Matterhorn and the Galapagos, the Maldives have been shortlisted as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. It’s easy to see why. Male, with 100,000 people crammed onto the island, is easily the most populated of this string of … [Read more...]

Anorexia – When Being Good is the Problem?

What makes someone just stop eating? How do we make sense of a mental illness that turns loved ones into strangers and the dining table into a battle-ground? Can the church make a genuine difference to those struggling with eating disorders and if … [Read more...]

A Voice for the Unequal Half

Christian Satellite Television by and for the People of the Middle East and North Africa The situation in the Middle East and North Africa has been dominating our news headlines over the last 18 months. We watch from a distance and pray for … [Read more...]


 Britain is set on a dangerous path which can only end in sorrow and tragedy for the nation. It has largely abandoned the God who has been at the centre of its life for over a thousand years, for the unbelievers have now set out to banish Him from … [Read more...]

Introducing Jeff Lucas

“Too Honest for the Church!” “Too honest for the Church” - this is how one pastor described Jeff Lucas, and it is not hard to understand why. This is a man who graciously and lovingly tries to tell the church how things really are. He speaks about … [Read more...]

Your Goose is Cooked!

What do you think of when you hear the term, ‘The Reformation’? I guess the minds of many evangelicals turn to the corrupt state of the medieval Catholic Church in early 16th Century and its need to be reformed. The name most readily associated … [Read more...]

Mary’s prayer Nigeria

Mary sits with the first printed draft of John’s Gospel in Ichen, her language, on her lap. “This book has been a very big blessing for me,” she says, explaining how, having studied the Gospel, she was better equipped to lead the women and children … [Read more...]

Café owner visited by police for displaying bible verses

Late last year the owner of a Christian café in Blackpool was visited by police when a customer complained that she was offended by verses of Scripture that were on display inside the café. Officers with Lancashire Constabulary told the owner to stop … [Read more...]