13 December 2017

Christians in sport

Reaching The World Of Sport For Christ.

Did you know that in the UK over 10 million people play, coach and officiate sport every week? Did you know there are over 20,000 sports clubs in Scotland and Northern Ireland alone?

‘That’s great!’ I hear you say, and please don’t get me wrong, that is brilliant! All ages, all backgrounds, all classes playing alongside each other, united under the banner of sport.

But wait.

The majority of these people aren’t Christians and many don’t know anyone who follows Jesus Christ. This makes it a massive mission field that cannot be underestimated or ignored. The Bible tells us that God’s plan is for the Gospel to go to all nations, and this must surely include the ‘nation’ of sport.

Christians in Sport wants to reach the world of sport for Christ and works daily to see Christians in every one of the UK’s 150,000 sports clubs, representing Christ and building the local church.

One of the ways we do this is through ‘Sports Plus’, a week of serious sports action for the serious sports player aged 11-17, with talks and bible studies to help young people find out about Jesus and what it means to live for Him. This summer saw over 600 young people at six ‘Sports Plus’ camps across the UK, 185 of whom attended ‘Sports Plus’ in Belfast, Armagh and Musselburgh.

Through Sports Plus we have two aims:

1. To see young Christian sports players encouraged and better equipped to go back home and represent Jesus in their world of sport.

2. To teach the Good News of Jesus relevantly to those who don’t know Him, so that they may respond.

Our hope is that youth leaders and teachers across the UK view ‘Sports Plus’ as part of their ongoing discipleship and outreach strategy. We want to support youth leaders based in churches throughout the year and hope that ‘Sports Plus’ helps to achieve this.

So who runs Sports Plus?

Behind all good events are good leaders! We aim to thoroughly equip every leader (over 400 of them!) to fulfill their duties to the best possible standard, be it as a coach, medic, administrative support or team leader. When the Bible is taught correctly and lifestyles and attitudes match it, you have a powerful combination. ‘Sports Plus’ addresses the holistic approach to living as a Christian and this is demonstrated through the leaders. Wherever we are, we aim to be Christ-like in all we do.

What else is going on in Scotland and Northern Ireland?

Christians in Sport works with churches across the UK to support and equip Christian sportspeople of all ages and abilities to represent Christ in their sport. ‘Sports Plus’ is a large aspect of the work, however, there are also Youth and University Pray Play Say groups that meet regularly, online resources, Sport Networks linking sportspeople from the same sport, residential training events and a team of speakers available to help churches speak evangelistically to sportspeople. If you’re a Christian involved in the world of sport, a teacher, a parent, church leader or youth-worker, please do get in touch to see how we can support you. We have co-ordinators based both in Scotland and Northern Ireland to help facilitate the work on the ground.

Interested in ‘Sports Plus’ 2012 or the work of Christians in Sport?

Online booking for Sports Plus 2012 for leaders and young people will open in January.

For more information on ‘Sports Plus’ or the wider work in Scotland or Northern Ireland please visit www.christiansinsport.org.uk or contact the office on 01869 255 630 or email info@christiansinsport.org.uk