15 December 2017

Finding Treasure

Central African Republic By Thomas Elvis Guenekean and Arnaud Bitsindou

raWe were recording Matthew and Acts into the Gbeya language, and one of the readers for the recording was a man called Urbain Goningafo. He had been trained as a literacy teacher back in 2007, but had never started a class, despite all our encouragement. To our surprise, he gave himself to the work of recording, body and soul.

We asked him what had brought about this change. He replied, “The passages that I read over and over again to prepare for the recording really touched me, much more than all the reading I have done and the teaching I have heard in Sango [an official language]. In the Gospel I have discovered Jesus’ life, teaching and sufferings, which moved me deeply. And even Paul, and the suffering he went through during his ministry – his teachings have pierced me like a sword.”

‘It is just today that I have come to know this truth. It is something I have never understood since I became a Christian, and it is all thanks to God’s word in Gbeya, in my language.”

Since the recording finished Urbain has taken up his chalk and started to teach a literacy course at a Baptist church in town, saying, “I want people to read, like me, this truth that was hidden from me in Sango, but revealed in Gbeya, so that they too can discover the treasure God has for them!”

For more information about getting Scripture treasure to people speaking all languages, visit: www.wycliffe.org.uk