13 December 2017

Freedom House

raFreedom House is a national, non-profit organisation that provides a six-month residential programme for young women suffering from life controlling issues such as eating disorders, self-harm, depression, substance abuse, suicidal ideation and the effects of abuse in all its forms.

The Freedom House programme addresses all aspects of a young woman’s well-being: physical, spiritual and emotional. Our goal is to see women forgiven, released, equipped and empowered to move on to living the purposeful life God has planned for them.

This is achieved through a structured programme consisting of:

• In depth bespoke sessions on a one-to-one basis

• Biblical teaching

• Life skills training

• Fitness and nutrition

• Art and craft sessions

• Work experience

• Image consultancy

• IT classes

• Residential care 24 hours a day

• Aftercare support through the Transform programme in Green Pastures.

Why do we exist? It has been well documented that eating disorders, depression and suicide rates are all on the increase.

Behind the statistics young women in our community are suffering and there is a desperate need to provide support for them tackling and dealing with the root causes of their behaviour and addictions rather than medicating symptoms.

By helping one young woman at a time we seek to break the cycle and bring freedom and restoration in a safe home-like environment.

This in turn will positively affect the generation she will parent and drastically reduce the chances of history repeating itself. We believe in this way that freedom for one will mean freedom for many.

The Vision.

F is for Forgiven – Through attendance at church services (the power of the Word) and participation in the life of church it is our heart that women would come to a true realisation of the unconditional love and forgiveness that God has for them through Christ, and a desire to see them walk in the freedom and release of this.

R is for Released – It is our desire to see women set free and released from life controlling issues, from past hurts and from issues that have been passed down family lines, releasing them to live life “to the full”, the way God intended.

E is for Equipped – Freedom House desires to equip these young women with the tools they need to overcome their issues and to move on to lead a fully functional and fulfilling life as part of society.

E is for Excelled – We desire to see young women excel in every area of life: spiritual, emotional and physical. Therefore we will provide the best environment and facilities to recover from their hurts, grow in God and learn new skills, the highest standards of practice, the most professional staff, and the best teaching and resources that we can make available to our girls.

D is for Daughters – A generation in our community have grown up in fatherless homes. We aim to connect girls with the love their Heavenly Father offers, revealing what it truly means to be a daughter and discover the blessing and freedom that can be found in the Father heart of God.

O is for Overcoming – Freedom House desires to impact the spirit of the overcomer to our girls, as they overcome obstacles, problems and issues which before seemed unsurpassable but with God’s help can be overcome.

M is for Majestic – It is our heart to reveal to women the royal heritage they have in God. They are daughters of the King of Kings, joint heirs with Christ, princesses, deserving nothing less than to be treated like royalty and Freedom House will love and treasure every girl in our care.

How is Freedom House unique to other residential programmes?

Individual Care Plan – Each young woman who enters our programme requires individual care and attention. We will work with the young woman to assess the individual issues they are facing and how best we can stage their recovery process. The length of their stay will be around six months according to her individual issues and progress.

Graduation occurs when a resident has worked through the stages of recovery and consistently demonstrates that she is equipped with the necessary life skills and strategies to integrate back into society and lead a productive and fulfilling life.

Voluntary Programme – Freedom House is a voluntary programme. Residents must be willing to work with the staff and be involved in all aspects of the programme. Each resident makes her own choice about how she will participate in and apply herself to the programme and commits to making the necessary changes.

Costs – Our programme is provided completely free of charge. The purpose of this is to demonstrate that we value any young woman who is serious about changing her life, no matter who she is, what background she is from, or what her financial circumstance.

Complete Restoration – We believe that change is possible no matter what situation or circumstances a young woman may find herself in, if they are willing to face and work through the issues that are affecting their lives. We understand that this is enormously difficult and challenging and requires a great deal of courage but we believe it’s possible. Working with the staff and facilities made available, the residents have the choice to move beyond minimal function and in most cases into a life that is rewarding and fulfilling.


“Before coming to Freedom House, I was living an existence full of fear and deception. Through the unconditional love and acceptance of the staff, I’ve learnt to believe in myself again. I’ve found my true identity in Christ and I am walking in complete freedom. I will leave here healed and whole, I’m so thankful to Freedom House.”

“Freedom House has given me the opportunity to spend precious time with God, allowing him to heal my broken heart and restore back to me what the devil had stolen.”

“Coming to Freedom House has meant that I am walking in total freedom from life controlling issues. If I hadn’t come I would still be living with past hurts and not moving forward, but now I am starting to walk out God’s perfect peace and will for my life, freefrom addiction.”

Freedom House Church Affiliation – Freedom House is part of Green Pastures, the peoples church in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. However, all young women are welcome to apply regardless of religious or spiritual background. Young women in our home will be involved in the life of church, attending services, classes and events within the church building and serving on work placements alongside staff.

Financial support – Freedom House is supported through individual donors, church partnerships, trust funds, corporate partnerships and fundraising events.

For more information please go to www.freedom-house.co.uk To get in touch, find out about partnering with us or to arrange a visit from our team to your church please contact 02825879378