15 December 2017

God in the Ordinary


The big yellow daisy had been plucked and discarded. It lay on the rain-washed tarmac and seemed to have been stepped on more than once. But the colour still had something of the sunshine in it and the smooth, delicate curves, leading to the tips of each, perfectly spaced petal were natural, mathematical poetry. God’s creation was no less astonishing just because it wasn’t perfectly positioned in a vase or in a garden. Even it its time of trial the daisy was beautiful enough to stop me in my tracks.

I am blessed to know several people just like that little flower; people whose lives have been transformed by mis-use or hard times, who have been pushed into situations they never wanted to be in – and who still shine!

The world can do all that to you. It can leave you lying on the street in the rain. But it can’t stop you reflecting the fact that you are a wonderful creation. Bruises, psychological trauma, not having a home, horrible as these things are they pale into insignificance next to all that you are.

You are a child of God. You are what Creation is all about. You are why flowers were made. All you have to do is remember it!

If an abandoned and stepped on flower in the rain can still be beautiful enough to make someone stop and wonder, how much more beautiful, even with all your brokenness, must you be?

Extract from The Extra in the Ordinary to be published by CWR May 2013. Used by permission.