13 December 2017

God’s Message Made Meaningful

raGod is using Bible translation so that more and more people are hearing His words for the very first time in a language that really speaks to them.

“Before its translation into Tz’utujil, God’s word for us was like a lake far away – we had no idea what lay beneath the surface. But now that we have the New Testament in our mother tongue, we can explore its depths!” – A Tz’utujil speaker, Guatemala

God has spoken and has told us amazing things. In the Bible, He has told us where we come from, who He is, and how He has made a way for us to be with Him forever.

But if the Bible isn’t available, isn’t readable, isn’t in your language, that message is meaningless. It’s the reality for more than 300 million people who don’t have even one verse of God’s word available in their language.

ra1If you want to find out what being part of Bible translation might look like for you, take a day to explore at First Steps. The next First Steps event is at Saintfield Road Presbyterian Church, Belfast, on Saturday 24th November. Find out more and register at wycliffe.org.uk/myfirststeps.