17 December 2017

Grace & Truth


The new Moderator of the Presbyterian Church has warned that, “Christians have had their wings clipped in our politically correct world.” Dr Ivan Patterson made the comments in a speech as he was installed as Moderator in Belfast.

Dr Patterson also highlighted the recent case of a Christian GP in England who discussed his faith with a patient and is facing disciplinary action. He said, “We’ve seen how a Margate doctor, Richard Scott is before the Medical Council because he spoke to a patient of his faith.” Dr Scott is being supported by the Christian Legal Centre.


The chairman of the English Equality & Human Rights Commission has damaged his credibility by claiming that British Christians are more militant than Muslims in complaining about discrimination.

Sir Trevor Phillips said that Muslims are trying hard to integrate into British society while Christians are claiming to be victims of discrimination for ‘political’ reasons. He also branded African-Caribbean Christianity as irrelevant, “old time religion.”

Mr Phillips’ comments are the latest in a series of anti- Christian gaffes from the beleaguered quango.

Earlier this year, a lawyer for the Commission warned that children could be “infected” by the moral views of Christian foster parents who oppose homosexual practice.

And the Commission funded a recent legal action against the Christian owners of a B&B who restrict double rooms to married couples.


A quango is trying to force homosexual adoption on Northern Ireland, despite overwhelming public opposition. When the issue was put out to public consultation in 2006, 96% expressed their opposition. But now the Human Rights Commission has won the legal right to go to court over the issue.

The Commission wants the law to change to allow unmarried and homosexual couples to adopt and it has been granted leave for a judicial review by a High Court judge.

The Commission said, “The Human Rights Commission has been granted leave to take a judicial review in its own name regarding adoption law in Northern Ireland … The issue concerns an anomaly in Northern Ireland law that prevents unmarried couples, or same-sex couples, from jointly adopting a child.” It also claimed that the law at present, “… does not comply with human rights.”


Girls as young as three are being taught pole dancing, it has been revealed. ‘Make Me Fabulous Dance Studio’ has a website that says of its Little Spinners pole dance classes, “Yes! We’re doing it for the kids!”

But child protection group Kidscape warned the classes were another indication of the growing sexualisation of children, “The children will innocently enjoy copying the raunchy moves they learn, but be completely unaware of the sexual messages these send out which inevitably can have dangerous results.”

Parents pay £5 an hour for their daughters to learn pole dancing at the ‘Little Spinners’ classes in Northampton. The classes are advertised on the studio’s website, which also promotes adult lessons, and features pictures of lingerieclad women.


A baby boy has defied the odds to be born as the UK’s most premature twin, even although his mother was advised to abort him shortly before his birth.

Jacob McMahon was born one week below the 24 week abortion limit and weighed just 1lb 4oz. Doctors advised baby Jacob’s mother to abort him after his twin sister died a day short of 22 weeks.

Jacob joins a growing list of babies born before the 24 week legal upper limit for abortion, prompting renewed calls to lower the abortion limit in England. Jacob’s mother was told by doctors she had to make a quick decision whether to abort because she was suffering from a serious infection which may have been the cause of the tragic death of Jacob’s twin. But she went into labour soon after and gave birth to Jacob at 23 weeks, making him the country’s most premature surviving twin.

It was 30 days before his mother was able to hold him and another 75 days before she could give her new born baby a bath. But now five months later Jacob is going from strength to strength and able to return home with his mother Sara and father Scott.


Islamic extremists have put up posters in a London borough declaring it a “sharia controlled zone.” The posters boldly claim, “You are entering a Sharia controlled zone. Islamic rules enforced.”

The posters are understood to have been discovered in the Borough of Tower Hamlets in July and they are identical to ones found in the Boroughs of Waltham Forest and Newham.

The posters come as a Bill in the House of Lords seeks to stop Sharia law taking root as a parallel legal system. The Arbitration and Mediation Services (Equality) Bill, introduced by Baroness Cox, would make it a crime for Sharia courts to falsely claim legal jurisdiction. It would also protect Muslim women from sex discrimination at the hands of Sharia courts.


Attempts to scrap current restrictions on Sunday trading in Northern Ireland have drawn criticism from trade unions, business groups, and churches. A consultation paper issued by the Department for Social Development put forward several proposals, including the total deregulation of Sunday trading.

The shopworkers union USDAW conducted a survey of their members in Northern Ireland and discovered that a massive 73% were opposed to Sunday trading hours being extended, with ‘concern for family life’ being one of the main reasons cited.

Roger Pollen, from the Federation of Small Businesses, said that its 8,000 members feel any relaxation in the law, “Would put immense pressure on many small shops already open for over 60 hours a week in a bid to compete with multiple retailers.”

Glyn Roberts, Chief Executive of Northern Ireland Independent Retail Trade Association warned that, “Newsagents and convenience stores could be adversely affected if the UK Multiples are allowed to open all day on Sunday.”

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