17 February 2018

Introducing: Rend Collective Experiment

Rend Collective Experiment began as a group of friends collectively wondering how to make sense of the conundrum of life, God and community. The name is a nod to the places in Scripture where it says to “rend your hearts and not your garments”, a bold call to be genuine and the prayer that God would “rend the heavens and come down.”

We are more like a family of musicians and artists than just a band. There are 5 of us who are the foundation of the collective but we love having people come from everywhere to collaborate with us. It’s part of our DNA that we are not exclusive. Our heart is that no one will find an individual that they can elevate but that they will see us as one … that’s even why we have two lead singers.

This idea of a collective isn’t a buzzword to us but an ethos that people are more important than music, art or apparent success. Also it’s such a joy to know that we are part of a bigger collective, which is the body of Christ and as we play around the world we join as one to worship Him.

We come from Ireland and there we write, create and dream with the members of the larger collective, learning together new ways of building God’s kingdom through music and community.

We think that the only songs worth writing are born out of authentic, natural connection with God. Songs should be grown in the soil of relationship with God, without the influence of nasty pesticides like the pressures of the industry and finance and even our own egos. We are constantly checking now to see if our songs truly meet the ‘organic standard’. My dream in this life is to be authentic  and live what I sing.

Our new album is called ‘Homemade worship by handmade people.’ We have worked hard to get the right mix between worship songs for the church and also music that reflects the creative nature of God…We want to push the boundaries. That’s because our God is not safe or small but He’s got a wild imagination.

The album was written and recorded by us not in any clinical or polished studio but in our own homes. Something that’s homemade is always better than a factory copy and that’s why we wanted to make this album with our own hands in the intimacy of our family homes…We are all handmade people, each one of us unique and important, crafted delicately by divine hands. Above all created things God calls us a work of art. So homemade worship by handmade people is a response to this magnificent God whose hands that made worlds and stars also chose the pain of human scars.

Things that are homemade demand so much more time and love than something made from a factory, yet they are always worth it; the quality and uniqueness are what is beautiful, we refused to make an album in a studio separate from our normal lives. Humanity and the Divine are what we are celebrating here…We hope you like what we have made!

We invite you to come and join the family, a movement of hungry hearts collected together in unity to build God’s kingdom here!

Rend Collective experiment