19 January 2018

Introducing: Simple Faith

1) Who is involved in ‘Simple Faith’ and how would you describe your musical style?

Eddie Lister, Paul Cairns, Jonathan Cairns, Glenn McClelland and Johnathan Welsh make up the sound of ‘Simple Faith’. We have been ministering in Churches across Ireland for the past 7 years. We bring a mix of Country & Contemporary Gospel music that appeals to all ages.

2) So many Christian musicians feel that they have a ministry beyond simply creating music for people to enjoy, would you say this is the case for your group?

‘Simple Faith’ definitely minister to people, it’s not just about standing on a platform and singing, we have an anointed ministry that speaks into lives and helps people in times of trouble. We aim to encourage and challenge them. Our ministry is built on prayer and worship. The countless numbers of people that come up to thank us for our ministry is amazing, we are humbled by the fact that God is using us.

3) You all must be so busy with jobs, with home lives and families; how does ‘Simple Faith’ fit in with everything else going on?

Our families are so supportive and have caught the vision of what ‘Simple Faith’s’ ministry is all about. We all have full time jobs, but every Tuesday for the past 7 years we have met to practice and then during the weekend we would be out ministering. In 2011 we agreed that, in each month, we would spend two Sundays out ministering and two Sundays worshipping and being involved within our home church. This has had to change for 2012 as the first 4 months of this new year are all booked up! We are so pleased that God will be using our music and ministry every Sunday.

4) We heard in the grape vine that you are just back from America. How did that come about?

We were invited to minister at the Gospel Music Convention, Scotland in April 2011. We met a lot of amazing artists – Allison Spears, ‘Mercy’s Well’, ‘Vocalsis’ and ‘The Old Paths’. Having been blessed so much by the other groups we formed a special relationship with ‘The Old Paths’. When we got home they contacted us to invite us over to sign and record with their label, ‘Paths Music Group’.

5) What a fantastic opportunity. Tell us about your experiences in the States.

What an experience! When we arrived we hit the road with ‘The Old Paths’ and ministered with them at four concerts. Having only had 8 hours sleep the whole weekend and grappling with jet lag, you could imagine how we all felt going into the recording studio on the Monday! It was just as well Monday had been scheduled for the musicians! The rest of the week was so busy, every day we were in the studio for at least 13 hours a day, Friday being the longest when we worked from 8am to 2.30am!! It was tough. On the last Sunday we had 2 full services to minister at, this trip was certainly not a holiday! If anyone had said to us 7 years ago that we would be recording in America, signing with a record label and ministering in America we would have not believed it – we give God all the glory.

6) What is the album called and what can people expect from this when they pop it into their CD players?

The album is going to be called, ‘Go Tell The World!’ This is the best album to date, Southern mixed in with a bit of contemporary Gospel. It contains 10 powerful songs with a message of hope for all. “Go Tell The World, It’s not a story, Go tell the world, he’s left the tomb, Go tell the world, he’s now in glory and praise God He’s coming back and coming soon!”

7) What is the most enjoyable aspect of ministering in ‘Simple Faith’?

To think that the anointed songs we sing speaks into the lives of many people is amazing, but the best thing about being in this ministry is seeing souls saved and hearing about lives being changed. Just to think that God is using us is amazing.

8) What message do you have for our readers?

The message is simple. God loves you so much. We sing a lovely song called, ‘The I of the Storm’. You may feel that the waves of life are drowning you, that the rain is never going to end, there is no way out of the storm you are facing! Remember, the Lord Jesus Christ, He is the I of the Storm, you can face it because He is with you, Hold on to Jesus!! All it takes is a Simple Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.