15 December 2017



The Irish Bible Institute (IBI) was set up in 2000 from a merger of the Irish Bible School in County Tipperary and the Leadership Institute in Dublin. IBI’s growth and development has been exciting since then. The ongoing vision of IBI is to be a place where Christians from evangelical churches in Ireland can be trained for ministry and mission in their own culture and context. IBI is unique as the only college of its type in the Republic of Ireland.

Training at IBI makes a real difference. Our courses are intentionally structured to engage our students’ heads, hearts and hands. We train people committed to serving the Lord and we equip people who have a heart for sharing and living out the practical implications of the gospel in their communities, bringing life and hope and love.

From small beginnings hundreds of students have come from all over Ireland to grow in their faith, to learn more of God’s Word and to be better equipped for ministry and mission.

Since 2005/6 IBI has offered university validated BA and MA courses, with the key focus being applying what is learned in the classroom to life and ministry. Over 400 students have been trained and equipped in some way at IBI in the past 10 years, ready to help spread the good news in Ireland and beyond. They are involved in a wide range of churches, ministries, mission organisations, youth and community groups, and workplaces:

 Jamie and Amy are involved in sports outreach with underprivileged young people in Ballymun

 John is leading a church in Co. Kerry

 Joe has developed an award-winning community project in inner-city Dublin

 Jonathan is church planting in Co. Waterford

 David has worked with a mission agency in Sudan

 Belinda is part of a youth and community outreach project

 David is a reporter with Sky news

 Jonny leads a project to help secondary school pupils think about Jesus

 Scot is leader of a youth project in the south east

 Kieron works with university students

… and that is just a small taste of the great work our former students are now doing around Ireland and further afield.

As John Woodside, minister of Drogheda Presbyterian Church and lecturer in Church History at IBI puts it, “Good theological training for Christian workers and teachers is crucial for the future health and growth of the Irish evangelical church. That is why we must continue to pray for and support the work of the Irish Bible Institute.”

IBI now faces a unique moment. As a result of the recession and an unexpected series of fiscal events, IBI has been given a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to buy our premises located in the heart of Dublin city. The premises were valued at €6,000,000 at the height of the property market; they are being offered to us now at just under €1,000,000. Having a secure “home” of our own would make a huge difference.

We need to raise €1 million by the end of August of this year. This would secure us a “home” that could be developed in a range of ways in the future. As well as giving us space for future expansion we are considering the development of a hub for evangelical organisations. Owning our own “home” would also release us from long-term rental payments, thus helping our overall financial situation. We will still have to raise funds for the running of IBI in the future, but the overall amount will be reduced.

We need the support of Christians from all over the island to take advantage of this unique opportunity. We are asking churches, mission committees, individual Christians, anyone who is interested in the future of IBI, to partner with us in three ways:


A square foot of our “home” will cost €100. Can you or your church walk with us “foot by foot” as we seek to build the future of applied theological training in the Republic?

Get involved

IBI is respected, well-known and wellsupported all over the island but we need people to introduce new folk who might be interested in seeing this work continue. Brochures explaining the project are available on our website (www.ibi.ie) and we can supply paper copies on request.


Finally, most importantly, we need people to pray. Can you get your church or home-group to pray? Ultimately, this is what we need the most.

IBI is playing a central role in the mission of the church across Ireland. We need your support, your investment and your prayer to continue doing that. Visit our website at www.ibi.ie for more information on this project (as well as some stories of life at IBI from a student perspective).

If you need any further details please ring us at 00353-1- 8069060 between 8.00am and 10.00pm Monday to Saturday or email Jacob (jacob@ibi.ie) or Dawn (dawn@ibi.ie).

Steven Singleton

MA Programme Director