15 December 2017

‘Look, no hands!’

‘LOOK, NO HANDS!’ “Turning tragedy into Hope”

Brian has never had arms. He is one of the 456 survivors today of the Thalidomide disaster 50 years ago. Sitting with Brian in his living room you soon forget that he has a disability. He has learnt to use his lower limbs to eat, drink, write, and drive a car!

After years of trauma and being forced to wear prosthetic arms, Brian found freedom in the love of Christ. He was then inspired to write his story. He explains, “Back in 1993 I saw a TV documentary which showed that ‘Thalidomide children’ were still being born in Brazil. As I watched with tears streaming down my face. Why did God allow it? Hadn’t my fellow human beings learned anything? Why was this still happening in 1993? Typing with my two big toes, I knew I had a reason to write a book. I decided that I would tell my story and donate all the proceeds to help these children in Brazil. And so ‘Look, No Hands!’ was first published in 2000 and has just had its tenth reprint – Praise God.”