17 February 2018

Mission Worldwide

Over the past 10 years the work of Unevangelised Field Missions has grown. Today our missionaries are working in more than 30 countries on all continents. 1 in 6 UFM missionaries is working amongst Muslim people. 50% work in Europe. We are happy to work in partnership with churches in sending missionaries to any country in the world. UFM missionaries from churches in Northern Ireland are serving in a variety of ministries around the world. Here are a few examples of individuals carrying out valuable work with UFM –

  • Laura Sanlon – Envisioning Spanish Young People for World Mission

In April 2011 Laura was involved in organising a major mission event for young people in Spain. ‘Mission Possible’ is one of the biggest youth mission conferences in Europe. 1000 young people gathered in Madrid and were exposed to the challenges of world mission. Each day there were inductive Bible Studies and stimulating messages, based on the book of Jonah. There were moving testimonies from an ex-Muslim and an ex-Hindu. The young people were encouraged to think and pray for the physical needs and injustices people suffer in a solidarity meal of bread and water. They prayed for the people who are suffering in the world because they are Christians. They responded practically to the needs in India and gave over €5,000 for a project in Chennai.

Spanish pastors have seen the impact of ‘Mission Possible’ in the lives of their young people and churches. Some youth accepted Christ at ‘Mission Possible’ and some are now studying the Bible in a new, fresh way. One boy has started a prayer meeting for his city. Less than 1% of Spanish people are evangelical Christians. Pray that, as a result of ‘Mission Possible’, God will call young people in Spain to serve as pastors and missionaries.

  • Richard and Terece Dilworth-Preparing for Ministry in France

Richard and Terece have ministered at Dundonald Baptist Church for more than 4 years. Before this they worked as missionaries amongst the river communities of Amazonas. During 2009 and 2010 Richard and Terece experienced a growing burden for France.

The spiritual situation in France is so different from Northern Ireland. There are 10 times as many Christians in the UK as there are in France. 80% of the population of France has never seen or held a Bible. 90% of towns and villages in France have no Gospel witness. There are 3 times as many occult practitioners as there are full time Christian workers, and 12 times as many practising Muslims as evangelical Christians.

Richard and Terece shared their sense of call with the church in Dundonald. After talking together and praying, the church wholeheartedly endorsed their call to go as missionaries to France. The church is seeking a new pastor and Richard and Terece face many challenges, including learning French. As they step outside their “comfort zone” they are trusting that the Lord will be with them as they seek to proclaim the good news of Jesus in France. In September they began language study in France.

  • Ruth McGarvey – From Summer Team to a Call to be a Missionary in France

Ruth went on a UFM summer team to Brittany. While on the summer team she realised that God wants French people to hear the Gospel. She worked with UFM missionaries Emmanuel and Maria Hartiel, and saw the passion God has given them for lost souls as they live amongst the people of Brittany and show God’s love to them. She saw that Emmanuel and Maria’s life’s goal is to honour God in their daily lives.

Through the summer team, and other Christian meetings, God began to call Ruth to the same work. When she was 13 years old she knew that God wanted her to go to Bible College, and she was due to start a course at Faith Mission College a few weeks after the summer team. She loves the French language and found that God had put in her heart a love for French people and a desire that they should hear the Good News of Jesus.

Ruth is doing a degree in French in preparation for going to France. She says, “I can’t fully explain it, but I know it’s God’s will. I thank Him that He has given me the responsibility of bringing His light to some French people in the future.”

  • Robert Smith – Short Term Mission in Kenya

Robert finished university in summer 2009 and wanted to gain experience of full time Christian ministry. In summer 2010 he spent three months in Kenya working as a missionary with UFM. Robert stayed with missionaries, Martin and Claudia Bussey, who live at NEGST (Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology), where Martin is one of the lecturers.

After getting used to all the new sights, smells and sounds, Robert got involved in working with one of the local churches in Kawangare, a slum area of Nairobi where more than 200,000 people live. He helped with their children’s outreach, a pastor’s conference and formatting translations of books by Ryle and Piper into Swahili. He also spent time with other Baptist churches in Kenya where he shared short evangelistic messages, helped in organising a children’s day, spoke at church services, and also led small group Bible studies.

Robert says, “I learnt so much during my time away in Kenya. Living in a country and being in churches where the majority of people are poor, and often have to depend on others for money and food, was very challenging. I believe that the best way we can help the work of the Gospel in countries like Kenya is to support and encourage local pastors towards mature and effective ministry. We can do this through prayer, visiting, training theological students, and providing commentaries and study tools. I had an amazing time in Kenya, and would really recommend it to anyone who wants to have their eyes opened to the work that God is doing beyond the UK.”

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