13 December 2017


RPM is designed as a motivational tool for people who live in the fast lane. Its purpose is to challenge us into becoming intentional in our witness to others.

Each month we are challenged to:

  • Read a particular text.
  • Pray into situations.
  • Move into the opportunities that God gives us.

Over ten issues of ‘Rejoice Always’ we are going to study Luke 5 verses 1-11 and see what we can glean in regards to a lifestyle of evangelism.


Our text is Luke Chapter 5 verses 1–11.

Verse 2: “He [Jesus] saw at the water’s edge two boats left there by the fishermen…”

Here are two boats designed and built for fishing but they are at the water’s edge. We don’t know if they were old boats, new boats, fat boats or skinny boats but we know they had a purpose, for they were fishing boats.

The boats are rested up on the sand, the sails are down, the nets are gone and with the exception of a few heron wrestling over scraps, the scene is lifeless.

Two boats standing by the lake. Could this be a picture of the church? Washed up on the sands of yesterday and not venturing into the seas of evangelism?

Surely the primary call of any church must be to reach the lost – to be fishers of men launching into the deep and letting down our nets?

Has the church become a pleasure boat rather than a fishing boat? Happy to entertain the faithful few without ever leaving the shore? Or imagine the great trawlers parked up in Portavogie or Kilkeel, rusty and lifeless… while lazy men never do a day’s labour?

The church should NEVER be idle when it comes to evangelism. Could it be that Otis Redding’s 1967 hit could be 21st Century hymn?

Sittin’ on the dock of a bay,

watchin’ the tide roll away.

I’m just sittin’ on the dock of a bay,

wastin’ time.

Perhaps there is further irony that Otis Redding died just a few days after recording the song. A.W. Pink once said that a church that does not evangelise will fossilise!

In our picture there are two fishing boats, but other than providing a perch for a few greedy birds they are useless unless they are on the lake.

Have we become stuck in the sand?

Can you imagine a fish jumping out of the water and landing on a shipwreck? Generally this does not happen; and if we think that someday people in our community will suddenly wake up one Sunday morning and just decide to walk into our church, we need to understand something… this too is unlikely to happen.

So how do we respond?


Pray that God’s Spirit will move each of us from our comfort zone, from the safety of the shore and become ‘on the lake’ Christians. Pray for your local church family and for increased evangelistic fervour. Pray for other churches in your community, that collectively we will all be busy ‘on the lake’.


We need to become intentional in our evangelism by looking for opportunities to share the message of Jesus in a real and relevant way. If you feel God is calling you to outreach, share this with others in your local fellowship and make an action plan in response.

Look forward to seeing you out on the lake!