17 February 2018


RPM is a motivational tool for people who live in the fast lane. It’s purpose is to challenge us into becoming intentional in our witness to others.

Each month we are challenged to:
Read a particular text
Pray for those we come in contact with
Move into the opportunities that God gives us.

Over the next ten issues we are going to look at one particular passage of scripture and see what we can glean from this in regards to a lifestyle of evangelism.

Read: Our text is Luke 5:1 – 11.

Our story starts with Jesus standing by the lake of Gennesaret. Although His three year adventure around Palestine has just kicked off, His popularity in the region is already reaching fever pitch. As the crowd presses in to see and hear this miraculous carpenter He makes his way to the open space of the beach. Jesus wants everyone to hear his message, He doesn’t want anyone to be left out and as the crowds grow so does the problem of communication.

It’s in this context we learn our first lesson. Jesus addresses the problem with clever creativity by use of the geography around him and a readily available fishing boat. By taking the boat out a short distance from the shore and turning to address the crowd He has created a natural amphitheatre from the beach and a pulpit from a boat.

The wonderful message of Jesus and His love for us must never be kept a secret. Some say they have a private faith, but Christianity is not a private faith; you and I should share this message with others. In order to do this effectively we need to follow the model of Jesus and become clever, creative and relevant. Ask yourself these questions:

How can I make the message of Jesus more widely accessible to others in my community?

What is the best media/boat for me to use to communicate Jesus?

Jesus uses a boat to connect with fishermen who would soon become his disciples. How can I become relevant to those around me by living out and sharing the message of the kingdom?

Pray: Heavenly Father thank you for your sending Jesus to be the Saviour of the world. Help me to be clever, creative and relevant in how I share this great truth. Father at this point I bring (include the names of those people by name who you seek to share Christ with) before you and ask that you would reveal Jesus to them by the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

Move: Write down a list of five people that you would like to see becoming followers of Jesus. Beside their names jot down some thoughts/ideas of how they might come to hear and understand the Gospel.