15 December 2017

Money possessions and eternity

It seems like everyone is talking about money these days. Personal debt is now overshadowed by National debt running into billions of pounds. With the economy showing little in the way of recovery it looks like we could be talking about this issue for a long time to come. The interesting thing is that money is not a new topic for the Christian. In the New Testament Jesus made reference to money, possessions and our attitude to the poor more times than he spoke about healing or evangelism. So therefore this must be a very important topic for the Christian.

Randy Alcorn’s bestselling book – ‘Money Possessions and Eternity’, addresses many of the questions we may have about our material wealth and possessions. This is an in-depth study into questions such as:

 Why is money so important to God?

 Is prosperity theology right or wrong?

 How can we be liberated from materialism?

 What should we do about debt?

 How much does God want us to give?

 How can we best help the poor and reach the lost?

 What about investing, insurance, saving for retirement?

 How can we use our money in a way that pleases God?

This is a timely book for us today, giving clear biblical wisdom and guidance to help us honour God with our money and possessions.

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