17 February 2018


“Lord, I am lonesome, please find me a companion, even if he is a bachelor.”

This year I will be 100 years ‘young’! God has been faithful to me; although many times I was not. My life’s verse has been Romans 8:28 which has been proven to me over and over again; that all things will work together for good to them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose so that He can receive the glory.

I was married to my first husband for 35 years. On Mother’s Day 1963 he had a sudden heart attack. As he was lying on the kitchen floor, already gone, my verse came to me in assurance. He was saved under the preaching of AW Tozer and many times he drove Rev Tozer wherever he needed to go. They both met their home-going on the same day.

The experiences of my life reminds me of a hymn that I sang every night when I went to pick him up at the public commute station. On the night he died I sang that old hymn, God Will Take Care of You. What comfort came to me. This led me also to put my complete trust in God, that He would not forsake me, because He cared.

Shortly after his death, the place I worked at that time decided to close and move to another State. I was head forelady to all the women.

I went to other locations to look for work but to no avail. When I returned home, I decided to go to an agency. They told me there was a new plant opening which was only 5 minutes from where I lived. It was Xerox Corp.

The only opening at that time was a payroll clerk. I was desperate for work, so I told the interviewer I would take the job. Of course I was not receiving the pay I was getting at my former employment but my pay increases grew more rapidly than I ever expected. As the old saying goes, “I came out into retirement smelling like a rose.” The benefits were all I needed and more!

One day as I was preparing to go to work I looked in the mirror and prayed this prayer. “Lord, You know how lonesome I am, send me someone, if it is Your will – even a bachelor!”

A gentleman (bachelor) was hired. The girl in personnel said she had found a man for me! He was 58 and I was 60. I was attending a singles club, Basic (Born again Christians in Christ). It was Oct 1972. A Sadie Hawkins party was scheduled (girl ask boy), so I found a date but my best lady friend didn’t find anyone for her date. So I told her that I knew a bachelor who I’d ask to be her date. At first he was hesitant but then he called me back to say he would accept.

The party was full moon. We had games and entertainment throughout the evening. My date did not participate and my friend seemed to find other things to do, so the bachelor and I got together and enjoyed the evening.

Because we drove in one car, we returned to my home to pick up the bachelor’s car so he could drive his date home. Before they left he said to me, “Where have you been all my life?” He didn’t think I had any fun in me! He saw me as a different person because he only saw me as a payroll clerk which was a responsible job and I took my work seriously.

We dated and I found out he was an elder in a Presbyterian church in the next town from where I live.

Everything was moving along so quickly that the Basic group thought there would be a proposal by Christmas. No proposal – but he gave me a strand of pearls which I wore at his funeral (Dec 26th 2007).

We were married 35 years. Before his death he became a husband, grandfather, great grandfather and great great grandfather. How awsesome is our God!

I will be 100 years old on Nov 12th, 2012 the Lord willing!

Taken from a letter hand-written by Elizabeth Doherty (U.S.A) (Possibly our oldest Rejoice Always reader!)