17 December 2017


Mission 2013 launched to leaders.

Over 1,000 Christian leaders from across the UK (representing an estimated 2 million Christians) attended a special Leader’s Lunch, prior to The National Day of Prayer & Worship at Wembley Stadium. During the lunch, Rev. Stephen Gaukroger presented a powerful call for leaders and their congregations to get involved in CROSSING LONDON – Mission 2013.

This new initiative, in partnership with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse, is building on the work of More Than Gold and the enormous wave of confidence and unity that swept  across London during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Looking ahead to 2013, Rev. Stephen Gaukroger said, “Let’s make London as famous for Jesus as it has been for the Olympics, Paralympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee!”

Gaukroger explained the four-fold strategy for mobilising all churches to share the good news across London and beyond. He stressed the importance of ‘Encouraging Leaders’ to mobilise their people to be missional; ‘Equipping Christians’ to share their faith confidently in a  world that often crushes Christian life and witness; ‘Engaging Communities’ where there’s brokenness and pain with practical expressions of ‘love in action’ and ‘Encountering Jesus’ at a major gathering in 2013.

“In October 2013, we will be gathering together with thousands of people to present the good news of Jesus  hrist in our capital city and call them to receive His love and find Him for themselves”,  said Gaukroger.

He called on leaders to be humble and set aside personal agendas and denominational differences for the sake of the Gospel. He challenged leaders to be holistic and follow the example of the Good Samaritan by proclaiming the good news and binding up the broken hearted. And he encouraged people to be confident, not in individual strengths  and abilities, but in God who is alive and working actively among us through this exciting initiative.

At The National Day of Prayer & Worship, Gaukroger asked people to pray for leaders as they encourage their churches to be involved in CROSSING LONDON – Mission 2013; to pray for the Boroughs and Home Counties around the M25 that the Spirit of God will touch those places and release leaders who will release others to cross their streets and communities with the life-changing message of the gospel.

Speaking after the event, Rev. Stephen Gaukroger said, “the temptation is to do nothing out of a sense of hopelessness, but CROSSING LONDON – Mission 2013 provides us all with an opportunity to do something out of a sense of faithfulness.” For further information visit www.crossinglondon2013.co.uk

Coalition For Marriage Rally.

In Birmingham this month, almost a thousand grassroots activists gathered from all corners of the UK to support the institution of marriage. The Coalition for Marriage (C4M) rally was a huge success. Attendees heard from Lord Carey, Ann Widdecombe and David Burrowes MP, speakers who combined passion with pragmatism. Their message was simple: marriage between one man and one woman has been the backbone of civilisation for more than two millennia, and changing its meaning would have farreaching consequences for society. As one speaker pointed out, the word marriage appears more than 3,000 times in legislation dating back to the Second Statue of Westminster (1285). These laws cover every aspect of our lives, property and inheritance rights, what is taught in schools, adoption and fostering, even the royal succession. The speakers also pointed out that public opinion is on the side. 70 per cent of ordinary people oppose the Government’s plans and 600,000 people have signed C4M’s petition against them. Our supporters come from all walks of life, but what unites them is a commitment to preserving the venerable institution of marriage as it is known today: the exclusive union between one man and one woman.

CARE on Human Trafficking

Human trafficking, or more precisely  modern-day slavery, is a growing phenomenon. There are more people enslaved worldwide today than there were 200 years ago in the lead up to the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade.

Vulnerable men and women are being trafficked into the UK and Ireland and exploited by others for profit. This  can be through forcing them into prostitution, domestic servitude or begging.

There has been a 150% increase in the number of victims of human trafficking  found in Northern Ireland alone in the last four years and many suggest this is just a small part of the real figure of  victims suffering undiscovered.

CARE in Northern Ireland is supporting a Bill that could make a real difference in tackling human trafficking. The Human Trafficking  and Exploitation Bill has been put forward by Lord Morrow MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly). It contains a variety of measures to help and support victims of trafficking, to aid the prosecution of traffickers  and to raise awareness of the issue in Northern Ireland. It also further seeks to tackle the demand that fuels human trafficking by criminalising paying for  sex. If you live in Northern Ireland you can champion change by encouraging your MLA to support the Bill – you could write an email or send a letter to them. You can find your MLA’s contact  details at www.writetothem.com and a template letter on our website: www.care.org.uk

Elsewhere in the UK and Ireland other political figures and organisations are  also championing the cause of the vulnerable. In Westminster similar robust action on trafficking is being  led by Lord McColl of Dulwich. He has been campaigning for greater assistance and support for victims of human trafficking such as safe and  secure accommodation, access to legal representation and a legal guardian for child victims amongst many other provisions. Faced with the shameful tragedy that 301 of the 942 rescued trafficked children in the UK went  missing from local authority care between 2007 and February 2010, Lord McColl hopes that the UK Government will back the essential measures contained in his Private Members’ Bill. Rhoda Grant, a member of Scottish Parliament, has launched a consultation on her proposal to criminalise those who purchase sexual services in Scotland and who drive the demand for trafficking for sexual exploitation.  A similar proposal has also been put to the Irish Government by The Turn Off the Red Light Campaign in Ireland, an alliance of 55 civil society organisations.

Mark Baillie, CARE in Northern Ireland’s Public Affairs Officer said:  “CARE welcomes the action being taken to tackle sexual exploitation in our society. The horror of trafficking harms  those who are most vulnerable and we must do all that we can to prevent it, prosecute those who perpetrate it and provide support for those who suffer asa result of it.”

Find out more at: http://www.care.org.uk/advocacy/human-trafficking or by contacting  Northern Ireland’s Public Affairs Officer Mark Baillie, by telephone on:  020 7227 4711 or by email: Mark.Baillie@care.org.uk