17 February 2018

Our vision

Our vision for ‘Rejoice Always’ is to provide biblically based, relevant, practical teaching to strengthen and encourage those who are believers in Jesus Christ.

We aim to show the greatness of the God we serve through the exposition of scripture and the lives of his servants throughout history. Our desire is that this will challenge and motivate our readers to Godly living, that they may become salt and light in a dark world. With the grace of Jesus we will also present a challenging christian message for those who are not yet believers, that men might see and understand His gospel of salvation.

Mission Statement

As a christian magazine, we exist to glorify God and exalt the name of Jesus. Everything written on our pages is ultimately to this end, being brought about through a comprehensive range of articles that are firmly rooted in the details of day to day life, while focusing on the establishment of the Kingdom of heaven here on earth, as Jesus declared.

We aim to provide a range of material written by authors, predominantly from across the Island of Ireland, but also from further afield, with the sole purpose of lifting high the name of Jesus, that the Father may be glorified, knowing that he alone is worthy of all the praise and honour we can bring. We see our job as to exalt Jesus on every page knowing that if he is lifted high he will draw all men to himself.

The bible is our measure for everything we publish, with our council having final editorial authority. We seek to present the truths of scripture in a practical and understandable medium for our day and generation, applying the word of God to modern issues and situations faced by our readership without compromise or error. Above all we aim to balance truth with grace, such that the unconditional love of God for us may speak into the hearts of all our readers, hand in hand with Godʼs holiness, purity, righteousness and justice. This we believe we can do through a combination of sound biblical teaching from teachers old and new, along side personal testimonies and stories of what God is doing both at home and abroad.