17 December 2017

Reaching the unreached

What motivates 1800 people, from over 50 nationalities, to leave the familiar, study new languages and adjust to different lifestyles and climates?

In WEC International our motivation is – love for Jesus … and a passion for the lost!

We each take personally the command of Christ to make disciples from all nations. Using various ministries WEC’s goal is to see communities of believers coming into being and meeting together as a local expression of the body of Christ.

We have always been passionate about bringing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ where it’s never gone before. This is our DNA.

How did it all begin?

In 1913, aged 53, CT Studd (former English cricketer and pioneer missionary who had already served God in China and India) felt God calling him to take the gospel to the heart of Africa. Ignoring health issues, he obeyed. To those who said he was too old, too sick, and too crazy to be a pioneer he gave a simple but clear reply (later to become WEC’s motto):-

“If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him.”

God revealed to CT Studd that his trip would not just be for Africa but for the whole world. CT’s wife, Priscilla (née Stewart) from Lisburn in N. Ireland, was unable to accompany her husband because of her own health issues and family responsibilities. Her role was to set up a support base and HQ in London.

God kept his word. Before CT’s death teams of missionaries had joined WEC to work in Central and West Africa, Amazonia, the Middle East and the Himalayan region.

In the last 20 years WEC has expanded as men and women have sensed God’s call to take the gospel to the least reached in what has become known as ‘the 10/40 window’.

Peoples new to the gospel are being introduced to Christ. The gospel is being understood and people are worshipping Jesus in languages that have never before resonated with his praise. By faith we will see that process continue, and even accelerate in the coming years.

As WEC moves into its second century it has marked its internationalisation by moving its international office from the UK to Singapore.

About WEC International

Our Core Passion is – Loving Jesus – heart, soul, mind & strength.

Our Core Mission is – Reaching people with the gospel; Planting churches which will grow to maturity; and Mobilising and inspiring the whole church for crosscultural ministry.

Our Core Values are – Faith, Fellowship, Holiness and Sacrifice.

WEC in the UK and Ireland

Our vision statement is:-

“Working together, with the church in the UK and Ireland, to see Christ known, loved and worshipped by the remaining unevangelised peoples of the world.”

We believe that fruitfulness comes from relationship. Working closely with the churches in UK/Ireland, we want to see renewal and revival at home and we want to think through how we can reach the nations together and see the UK/Ireland church step forward to serve the nations. This can happen in a number of ways:-

 working together to make Christ known to the ethnic minorities on our doorstep

 supporting church-based initiatives to reach drug-and alcohol-dependent people

 helping deliver short courses that will open the church’s eyes to world mission

 working with youth/children’s programmes to run World Adventure Days

 hosting summer camps where many children come to faith and learn about their place in God’s world

 publishing strategic mission books: – many by Dr. Helen Roseveare, former WEC missionary in Congo

 Operation World, a book to help Christians pray for the world, is authored by Jason Mandryk, a member of WEC

 hosting Mission & Me events to help folk see their place in mission

 providing missionary speakers for events in churches

 running day and weekend conferences, designed to inform about mission

 taking practical and prayer teams to mission locations

WEC Ireland

Since 1913 over 100 missionaries from Ireland have followed Priscilla Studd to serve God with WEC. They went to locations all over the world and had a wide range of effective ministries. Everything WEC is involved in is intended to lead to people finding salvation in Christ and churches being planted.

Today there are over 30 WEC staff members from Ireland serving at HQ and throughout the world.

One story…

In the late1940s WEC missionaries first went to the Bijagos Islands off the coast of Guinea Bissau, West Africa. By preaching the gospel and living out the life of Christ; through medical help, Bible translation, literacy classes, training, welldigging, rural development, etc. the church developed and grew. Two couples from N. Ireland lived and worked there from 1964 to 1987. Today there is no WEC missionary on the islands; they are not required because the indigenous church is growing and reaching out. God continues to build his church.

In February of this year a team from N. Ireland went to Bubaque Island in the Bijagos archipelago and erected a steel structure and roof to help the church with a new building. The church members will build the walls. In this way we walk with our brothers in Christ who live and witness in one of the world’s poorest countries.

It is our conviction that prayer is essential to the work of mission and our experience that God answers prayer. 

WEC has over 20 prayer groups in Ireland, maybe you would like to be part of this prayer ministry.

How can WEC serve YOU?

We can help you be involved. Our HQ is used for guiding, supporting and promoting mission opportunities to the unreached peoples of the world. Contact us or Call in!!