17 February 2018

Regular Features

Every month ‘Rejoice Always’ magazine will include a wide and eclectic range of regular features, which will appeal to the varied interests of our readers.

Read more about the recurring features our audience can look forward to each month!

The Global Gospel

‘Rejoice Always’ is committed to bringing news and updates on the important work of missionary organisations both at home and abroad.

Family Matters

The family is the fundamental unit making up our wider society and it is so important in God’s eyes. Every month ‘Rejoice Always’ will tackle the common challenges faced in family life while also celebrating the joys!


There is nothing more powerful than the personal testimonies of individuals who have been touched by God in their everyday circumstances. In each edition we will be presenting the stories of those who have found God to be tangible, faithful and genuinely impacting on their situations. We will be looking closely at God evidenced through the lives of His people.

Grace and Truth

Challenging Issues for contemporary living. Every month our seasoned contributors will be considering some of the very challenging issues faced by many in our modern world. Using Biblical truths they will provide helpful insight and practical tools for dealing with these concerning matters. Tackling subjects from unemployment and debt to bereavement and divorce, ‘Rejoice Always’ will provide essential teaching and guidance.


At ‘Rejoice Always’ we will be offering a Christian perspective on the biggest news stories breaking each month.

Feedback Forum

We are always interested in what our readers have to say about any of the articles featured in ‘Rejoice Always.’ In each publication we will showcase a selection of our reader’s letters in order to present the opinions and views of the public.


At ‘Rejoice Always’ we will be pleased to provide our readers with the chance to advertise their up and coming events. This is a great resource for those who are keen to be involved in all the latest Christian events both locally and further afield.