19 January 2018

Grace & Truth

GETTING TO KNOW YOU Callum Webster has been writing our Grace and Truth articles since the first issue of Rejoice Always. Here Callum tells us a little about himself personally and also about the work of the Christian Institute. Tell us about … [Read more...]

Grace & truth

BBC THINKS CHRISTIANS’ VIEWS ARE ‘LUNATIC’ SAYS PRESENTER The BBC has a mindset that assumes Christians’ views are lunatic, one of its own broadcasters has said. Roger Bolton, former Sunday programme host, said a liberal secular elite are … [Read more...]

Grace & Truth

CHARITIES CALL TO CRIMINALISE SMACKING IN SCOTLAND Parents in Scotland should be prosecuted for smacking their children, a coalition of children’s charities has said. Smacking is currently legal in Scotland, but the use of implements, shaking … [Read more...]


COMMON GRACE In the Sermon on the Mount the Lord Jesus Christ teaches believers that we are to love even our enemies, to bless those who curse us, to do good to those who hate us, and to pray for those who persecute us (Matthew 5:44). Christ makes … [Read more...]


500,000 STRONG MARRIAGE PETITION HANDED TO NO 10 A public petition calling for the legal definition of marriage to remain unchanged has been presented to 10 Downing Street. The 500,000-name petition, which was organised by the Coalition for … [Read more...]

Grace & Truth

BIBLES ARE ‘HOMOPHOBIC’, SCOTS POLICE TOLD Scottish police forces have been told not to accept a gift of free Bibles from the Gideons because the book “condemns homosexuality”. The Bibles have been offered to Scottish police forces featuring … [Read more...]

Café owner visited by police for displaying bible verses

Late last year the owner of a Christian café in Blackpool was visited by police when a customer complained that she was offended by verses of Scripture that were on display inside the café. Officers with Lancashire Constabulary told the owner to stop … [Read more...]

Grace & Truth

SPEAKER ‘LECTURES’ THE QUEEN ABOUT GAY RIGHTS Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, annoyed MPs by using the Queen’s diamond jubilee to ‘lecture’ her on gay rights. The Queen was in Westminster Hall at an event in celebration of her … [Read more...]

Christian influence in a secular world

The motto of The Christian Institute is “Christian influence in a secular world”; a statement which reflects the call of the Lord Jesus Christ to His followers to act as salt and light for Him in a fallen and decaying world. The Institute works … [Read more...]

The Christian Institute

SEXUAL FREEDOM FALLOUT COSTS BRITAIN £100 BILLION-AYEAR Roughly £100 billion is spent each year dealing with problems relating to sexual promiscuity and relationship breakdown, according to research by the Jubilee Centre. Author Guy Brandon … [Read more...]