15 December 2017

All I want for Christmas is…

“Hi Mum,” the text message began. “Just in case Santa is interested I’ve listed a few wee ideas below J” You’ve guessed: the message was from our son. Funny thing is, he was 21 when he wrote it! Paul never did reach the time in childhood when … [Read more...]

C’mon… Let’s celebrate!

My mum is 82 years old, and today she’s going to a party! We had such fun kitting her out – especially the fluffy tiara with the red and blue jewels (!), and the Union Jack bracelet! She’s game-for-a-laugh and was really looking forward to the … [Read more...]

What happened when… Onesimus went back?

The day he had longed for arrived, just as the sun began its dawn journey into the sky over Colossae. With the master standing in front of him, the slave quaked. Nervousness was not the usual response of Onesimus when the man who owned him gave out … [Read more...]

What happened when…

the crowd became a mob? The rancid smell from the river caught the back of Abhik’s throat as he sat on its grassy bank. He didn’t come here very often now, but the sight before him helped to focus his mind on the job God had given him to do high … [Read more...]

What happened when… the funeral was stopped?

Peter couldn’t sleep! The happenings of the previous few days were messing with his mind, as Jesus’ words tumbled around in his head! He had never heard anything like it before. We are to be salt and light, Jesus had said. What fisherman didn’t know … [Read more...]

God knows your name

God loves us, just as we are. This book encourages us to embrace the truth of a personal God, the God who knows our name. From the loveless Hagar of the Bible to the abused Donna of Dublin; from the hopeless leper of Mark’s Gospel to the outcast … [Read more...]

What happened when …

Samson’s heart ruled his head? Running his rough fingers through her silky hair, Samson slowly inhaled the erotic perfume as she lay beside him. It smelt sweet and intoxicating, exactly like the woman who had sensually applied it, before he had … [Read more...]

What happened when…

What happened when... the shepherd heard the choir? Hoshea hadn’t meant to walk so far. He had only wanted to get out of the city for a little fresh air, and to see some grass! With his feet barely touching the ground now, he was carried along by … [Read more...]

What happened when…

What happened when... Eve Took The Fruit? Adam grabbed a rock as he ran from the field toward the agonizing noise. The sound of his wife’s screams striking panic in his heart! Covering the rough ploughed field at speed, he came to a breathless … [Read more...]

Poor yet rich

Some Bible verses are just plain hard. Our perceived meaning is often far from the truth that God intended. Take Philippians 4:19, “My God shall supply all your need…” for example. I had never thought of it as a hard verse, rather one to rejoice … [Read more...]