17 December 2017

Consider… The importance of letting go.

A  week ago my sister-inlaw, Charity, turned 21. Many see this as a great opportunity to have a party with friends and family, or perhaps see it as a chance to request a special gift, a keepsake for the years to come – not Charity ... she decided to … [Read more...]

CONSIDER … Euthanasia…

“The ability to decide when, where and how one’s life will end is the basic human right.” These words are the express opinion of Tony Nicklinson, a 58-year-old man suffering from ‘Locked-in syndrome’ caused by a stroke that occurred seven years … [Read more...]

Consider.. The God – Given Role of Woman

“The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone, I will make a helper suitable for him.”…The Lord God made a woman…” (Genesis 2:18&22) Recently a few items in the media have stopped me in my tracks and have caused me to consider … [Read more...]


I have recently celebrated my 32nd birthday. I don’t feel old at all – thankfully all my joints are in working order, my memory is functioning well and my hair is still predominantly black (although, if I am honest, the odd flash of silver is making … [Read more...]


CONSIDER... THE GOVERNMENT PROPOSAL TO CAP SOCIAL BENEFITS. From the outset I must raise my hands and admit that I am not in any way a knowledgeable economist, I deal much better with words than with numbers. Due to my discomfort with all things … [Read more...]

Consider: … our response to the Queen’s speach.

Turkey & stuffing, presents under the tree and the telling of cracker jokes around the dinner table - these are all part and parcel of our traditional Christmas experience. For many, it would be akin to treason to fail to mention the watching of … [Read more...]

Consider: Welcome to the era of Political Correctness.

In our contemporary western culture everyone from members of our government to the local shop keeper is going to great lengths to ensure that their choice of language and terminology are inoffensive and ‘correct’. In our PC world, for example, a … [Read more...]

Consider: Rihana – problems caused by the provocative…

Rihana - problems caused by the provocative portrayal of women. A number of weeks ago Northern Irish journalists reported on a local story centred on the international pop superstar, Rihanna. This was the most read news report on the BBC news … [Read more...]

Consider: The global consequences of commodity speculation.

Have you ever felt hungry? Before you rush to answer this question, take a moment to really think about it. I am sure we can all say we have been a little peckish. Certainly, by the time dinner is ready, we experience a few rumbles in our stomach. … [Read more...]

Consider: Phone hacking scandal and the famine in East Africa.

Two main news stories have been prevalent on our TV screens and in our papers over the past few months.  One is the phone hacking scandal, throughout which we have all been shocked by revelations that telephones have been hacked into by reporters in … [Read more...]