15 December 2017

Family Matters: Love One Another…

From the moment we are born we demand to be loved. Think of a new born baby. The first cry heralds an on-going request for personal needs to be met. At whatever stage you are in life, take a few minutes to ponder just how important it is to feel … [Read more...]

Family Matters: Follow the Leader

Chris writes: You have the school report in your hand. You are on your way to the teacher-parent interview and you are about to experience one of the few times when someone will be honest with you about your child. Hopefully you are a parent who … [Read more...]

Family Matters: Introduction

Hello! I’m Susan, wife of Chris and mother of seven adult children. Can I indulge briefly by introducing you to our family, permission having been granted? We rejoice with continued thankfulness in being parents to: Matthew 31, Catriona 30, Cara 28, … [Read more...]

Family Matters

The picnic was finished; the older members of the family enjoyed the shade as the children played on the grass. There was a general buzz of contentment and pleasure at sharing this moment together… Is this a picture of family life that you recognise? … [Read more...]