17 December 2017

“…and finally . ”

As Christmas approaches, many of us will start writing extensive lists: those for whom we have to buy presents; food that needs to be bought or prepared; guests to invite to various events and celebrations and decorations to make or to bring down … [Read more...]

What is Global Care?

Global Care is a UK-based Christian international relief and development agency, supporting vulnerable children worldwide. Our aim is to help vulnerable children reach a sustainable, independent adulthood. So, we help AIDS orphans and … [Read more...]

“…and finally . ”

Some time ago, I was invited to speak at a “pampering” evening for young mothers who attended a Mums and Tots morning each week at a church. In various rooms around the church, the women were able to have their hair cut or styled, nails painted, … [Read more...]

Olympic Give Away!

It won’t have escaped your notice that we have at least two reasons to celebrate this summer! The first was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, a real cause to rejoice and give thanks to God for a woman of faith and tenacity, whose reign has proved her good … [Read more...]

“…and finally.”

I was born at the beginning of World War 2 and was blessed with a happy family and a caring father. He was a doctor who was respected and loved by his patients. It’s as we look back on our lives to our childhood that we appreciate the value of good … [Read more...]

“…and finally. ”

If you had asked me at the age of five, if I was a Christian, I would have said yes, without hesitation! I was brought up in a home where we went to church every Sunday, said prayers at our bedside every night and grace before meals. Of course, at … [Read more...]

The Merry Widow?

The title of Franz Lehar’s light opera, ‘The Merry Widow’ might sound like a contradiction in terms, but it can become possible, with choices and decisions and the all-encompassing love of our Heavenly Father. I learnt, early on after my husband … [Read more...]