17 December 2017


14th October 1886 “The Faith Mission started” – so read the words in the diary of Glasgow businessman, John George Govan. 14th October 2011 marked the beginning of the 125th year of Faith Mission work. We have so much to celebrate in this … [Read more...]

One to watch

Gunning For God – John Lennox ‘Religion is dangerous’ is the claim made by popular atheists such as Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawkins and Christopher Hitchens. Respected local author, John Lennox, takes these authors claims head on. He uses … [Read more...]

6 Books every Christian should read

6 BOOKS EVERY CHRISTIAN SHOULD READ I DARED TO CALL HIM FATHER BILQUIS SHEIK / KINGSWAY 1978 If you have ever wondered how people who live in countries where there are no churches and few missionaries hear the Gospel, then you have to read this … [Read more...]

The Lion Day-By-Day Bible

We all remember our first Bible we had when we were kids. Maybe it was the way the stories were told or perhaps the illustrations that helped us picture the Bible characters and events. Whatever it was that sticks in our memory, the most … [Read more...]

Going for Growth

The best selling book in Faith Mission Bookshops for November 2011 Going for Growth – Ken Clarke. Better know to us as ‘Fanta’ Clarke, this is Ken’s first book. As well as his role as Bishop of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh, Ken has found the time to … [Read more...]

Money possessions and eternity

It seems like everyone is talking about money these days. Personal debt is now overshadowed by National debt running into billions of pounds. With the economy showing little in the way of recovery it looks like we could be talking about this issue … [Read more...]

Learning by Karen Kingsbury

The best selling book in Faith Mission Bookshops for October Karen Kingsbury is best known for her ‘life-changing fiction’. ‘Learning’ is her latest novel and is the followup to ‘Leaving’. Bailey Flanigan has some tough decisions to make regarding … [Read more...]