17 December 2017

Dress Matters – The Modesty Talk

Growing up in a somewhat American Bible-belt culture, our youth group regularly split into guys’ and girls’ groups, during which “us gals” were given The Modesty Talk. This usually meant a list of do’s and don’ts that translated to teenage girls … [Read more...]


The first conviction of human trafficking took place in Northern Ireland only a few weeks ago. Despite a disappointing sentence, this was a victory for campaigners and counter trafficking units in the country as finally, the message was being sent … [Read more...]

90 million bunnies. 27 million slaves.

90 million chocolate Easter bunnies are produced each year. The time for these small mammals and their feathered friends, in both their embryonic and fully-developed manifestations (read: eggs and chicks…I’m just trying to sound scientific), as well … [Read more...]


No More Traffik On Our Streets began with MCHN, two ordinary guys who design clothing based on ordinary people’s lives. They interviewed another ordinary guy in Lisburn one day, and found out about the problem of human trafficking. That’s where it … [Read more...]

Lady Gaga Ate My Children

Ok, that’s a lie. I don’t have any children; and even if I did, I highly doubt Lady Gaga is carnivorous. I hoped the title of this article would grip you so that we could enter into a discussion about the role of the media in the lives of today’s … [Read more...]

Celebrating light in the darkness

I’m writing to you at the end of September; you’re reading this in December…but I have a confession to make. I’ve lit a cinnamonscented candle, am listening to Christmas music for a few weeks now, and there is a starshaped Christmas cookie sitting … [Read more...]

Set The Captives Free

The actuality of slavery in our society. In this month of thanksgiving and reflection on the blessings God has showered on us, I am grateful to Him for so many things. If you and I were to sit down together, I’m sure we could think and write a … [Read more...]