15 December 2017


Compassion Ireland, established as an Irish charity since 2011, exists as an advocate for children living in extreme poverty across the world. We are committed to the holistic development of a child, meeting their physical, spiritual, emotional and … [Read more...]

Pilafs and Pistachios

Afghanistan is a tough place to work - all pain and no gain, it seems. The country is one of the most troubled environments on the planet. Lives are being lost, locations are as difficult as any, anywhere - a situation where prayer is clearly the … [Read more...]

Asialink or the unreached people of Asia

Checking into the “Lucky Dragon”, I knew it was not going to be one of the leading hotels of the world, but after twelve hours of anarchy on Burma’s roads, I was just glad of a mattress. The journey had been chaotic. The road from Rangoon to … [Read more...]

Asia Link for unreached people in Asia

When 17 French aid workers were murdered in Sri Lanka in 2006, it changed Mahinda’s life forever. The government blamed the Tamil rebels. Most pointed a steady and bloody finger of guilt at the army itself, a precursor to the violent bloodbath … [Read more...]