17 December 2017


In June 2011, my husband Brian and I set out on a trip through Malawi and Kenya. Having worked in theological education in Kenya for eight years while our children were younger, we were interested to return to Africa and in particular to meet local … [Read more...]

Celebrate – Make Memories with your Children

At this season of Jubilee celebrations, let’s take some time out to celebrate the wonder of family life and make memories with our children that will have an enduring impact on their lives. Charles Swindoll once said, “Each day of our lives we … [Read more...]

Ten Top Tips for being a great dad!

Care for the Family believes every father has the potential to be a brilliant dad. 1. Stay calm! Try to take something positive out of every new experience your kids introduce you to, even if it is a frog in the laundry basket! At least it … [Read more...]

Season of Womanhood

Seasons of Womanhood’ brings us the stories of ten women – all at different stages of their life journeys - facing life with courage and faith. There is Karen whose husband took their youngest child to school one morning and never returned home. No … [Read more...]

Getting Your Kids Through Church Without Them Ending Up Hating God

Every year, thousands of young people leave the church and for many of us, this is a personal concern. But what if things could be different? The Christian charity Care for the Family has partnered with key Christian organisations to resource … [Read more...]