15 December 2017


Christmas Recipes Nestled in the warmth of our homes we exchange gifts in remembrance of the best gift ever given, Jesus Christ. John 1:17 reveals that Jesus came bringing gifts of grace and truth to the world. The warm roasted red pepper and … [Read more...]


Picking Blueberries Over the summer, I was able to escape the rain and visit my home in sunny Georgia. One afternoon my dad took me to a park, which had over 30 bushels of blueberries. The best part was that the blueberries were free! We could … [Read more...]

Celebration Cupcakes

Weddings, graduations and birthdays mark a significant and joyous time in people’s lives calling for celebration. Invitations are sent, venues are rented, balloons are blown up, food is prepared and cakes are iced. Throughout the Old Testament … [Read more...]

Coronation Chicken

What is Coronation Chicken? What is Coronation Chicken? Although having a majestic name, this easy and cheap dish was invented so that everyone living in postwar Britain could enjoy something a bit special on Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation day. … [Read more...]

Rejoice Recipe

Sweet Satisfaction After a stressful day have you ever felt drawn to the biscuit tin or secret stash of sweets? Your weak will-power tries to resist, but visions of sugar-coated treats dance in your head. The magnetic pull is too difficult to … [Read more...]


DAILY BREAD We tantalise our taste buds with delectable dinners and tasty treats, but when the plates are empty, we pile up a problem. The dishes! Have you ever left the dishes in the sink? Lunch dishes, dinner dishes, teacups, before you know it … [Read more...]

Mini Ham Puffs

Which classic comfort foods remind you of home, whisking you away to your childhood? What do you remember about family meals? Who sat where? What you ate every Sunday? Who started the fights? Family meals seem so unimportant at the time, yet they … [Read more...]