19 January 2018

Some Party in Heaven

‘Rejoice Always’ are very pleased to serialise an abridged version of Noel Davidson’s much-loved classic, ‘Some Party In Heaven.’ This series began with our first issue and we now conclude with the final episode. SOME PARTY IN HEAVEN Their … [Read more...]

Some Party in Heaven

THE WISE SHEPHERD Immediately after leaving Tom’s house, Hertford and Phyllis returned to Craigavon Hospital. Although Hertford was now rejoicing in his newly-found faith and Phyllis, in turn, was happy for him, their hospital days weren’t … [Read more...]

Some Party in Heaven

STOP THE CAR! STOP THE CAR! It was the morning of the funeral. Thursday 16th November. Silent preparations were being made in the hushed house. Hertford and his brother Tyrell were standing at the back door, having a smoke. They stood on … [Read more...]

Some Party in Heaven

‘Rejoice Always’ are very pleased to serialise an abridged version of Noel Davidson’s much-loved classic, ‘Some Party In Heaven.’ Although no longer available, there has been great public demand for this book and we are privileged to offer chapters … [Read more...]

Some Party in Heaven – Do you want a job?

The end of June brought two added pressures for Phyllis and her trifle tub turnout. They were pleasant problems to have, but required careful planning. Firstly, Thomas and Ford were commencing their summer holiday from school. All three boys were … [Read more...]

Some Party in Heaven – WORK, WHISTLE AND WORK

The summer of 1988 saw the Arnold family settle happily into their new bungalow. When the school holidays arrived, Phyllis often took the three boys round to her parents’ home. Nana and Papa Blakely loved to see their grandchildren. Hertford was … [Read more...]

Some Party in Heaven part 6

About an hour later Tom and Ethel Blakely entered the ward. Phyllis saw them coming. Her mother was carrying a blue toy elephant and a bunch of flowers. “I believe he is a wee red-head,” Tom began cheerily. Phyllis exploded into loud … [Read more...]

Some Party in Heaven part 5

MOVING HOUSE When Phyllis came home from hospital she was a mother of two. She had two equally loved, but very different, sons. Summer was approaching and the young parents looked forward to long sunny days with the windows and doors of their … [Read more...]

Some Party in Heaven part 4

The deepest misgivings of Hertford and Phyllis were soon to be put to the test. In late summer 1984 Phyllis found out she was expecting a second baby. Now the anxiety really began in earnest. This was in spite of telling themselves that it … [Read more...]

Some Party in Heaven part 3

 OH NO! part 2 In twenty minutes the three of them were in the doctor’s waiting room.  Although they hadn’t to wait any more than ten minutes it seemed like an eternity to Phyllis.  She felt that all the others in there were staring at her.  They … [Read more...]