15 December 2017

That Place We Call Home

Sitting in the back of a seven passenger van, I had a partial loaf of French bread and some gouda cheese spread out on my lap. As I was just about to begin eating, the song “This is Home,” by the band Switchfoot, started to play over my earphones. I … [Read more...]

A Different Way of Thinking

It started in first grade, really. I thought school was a game. When my teacher wrote something on the dusty black chalkboard, I liked to see how much I could copy without looking down at my paper. Of course, my words slopped off the page, but after … [Read more...]

Where is the Undo Button?

Sitting in the balcony of a church built in the 1920s, it was easy to feel a sense of warm tradition, but also a sense of God’s untouchable holiness. The pastor’s words echoed over the crowd and floated up to the balcony. His topic was conviction and … [Read more...]

Letting Go of Perfect

There is a chip on the glass, a snagged thread on a sweater, a smudge on a favourite pair of shoes and once loved objects suddenly find themselves in danger of a trip to the wastebasket. When everything has to be perfect, there is no room for cracks, … [Read more...]

Finding Comfort in Grief

The shake in my dad’s voice as he answered the phone told me something was desperately wrong. A relaxed Sunday afternoon turned into a hurried trip to the emergency room, but nothing could be done. My friend Alice, who was one of the healthiest … [Read more...]