15 December 2017


CODE II I owe everything to Him. I will do anything for Him. The male brain is best described as being made up of ‘boxes’. Each of these boxes are individually named and contain specific topics, such as; work, football, family, money, golf... … [Read more...]

Jesus – My Captain

On 4th July 1991, as an 11 year old boy, I knelt down and wept as I whole heartedly surrendered everything to Jesus. Up until that point my life had been that of a normal church-going, East Belfast boy brought up in a loving Christian home. I had … [Read more...]

CVM – Christian Vision for Men

Throughout my Christian life, especially my time as a church leader, I can only recall being told of one way to lead men to Jesus and that was, “Get the kids into church first and the parents will follow.” Had I known then what I do now I think I … [Read more...]

What are you carrying?

A recent study has named Apple Inc. as the number one brand name in the world for 2011. Apple is now listed as the world’s most valuable brand with an estimated value of more than $153 billion. Google (last year’s number one) came in 2nd, IBM 3rd, … [Read more...]

The Tour of Life

Covering 2000 miles in 21 days of all out racing, the New York Times describes the Tour de France as, “Arguably the most physiologically demanding of all athletic events.” The effort of competing in ‘The Tour’ is compared to running a marathon … [Read more...]