13 December 2017

“The Fireworks Display”

Recently I was asked if I remembered the morning I almost blew the house up! No, I was not involved in a bombing campaign, or experimenting with a chemistry set. However, the question did bring back memories of a particular Halloween when I was sick and confined to bed. In my bedroom, on top of the wardrobe, were all the fireworks I had been saving for the occasion. Just to make sure they were all there, I asked my mother to reach them to me.

Reluctantly, she consented. When she had gone downstairs, I noticed a box of safety matches. Now, to me, safety meant safe, no danger whatsoever, so I lit one, never imagining the unthinkable was about to happen. Of course my mother had warned me about matches, but these were not ordinary matches, these were safe, that’s what the box said.

You can guess what happened next, the fuse, on what looked a harmless cartwheel, ignited from a spark, then another, until every firework in that box was fulfilling the maker’s expectations.

Rockets were flying across the room and then sailing through the open window. Jumping jacks were hopping all over the floor, with cartwheels spinning, and demon bangers convincing those who had now gathered outside that the slates were coming off the roof. One neighbour shouted at his wife to take cover, while inside, my mother, who by now was in hysterics kept instructing me to keep calm and take cover under the bed. For a seven- year old boy, frantic with fear, that was easier said than done. Don’t forget, I had no previous experience of how to act when caught up in the middle of a bedroom fireworks display.

Do I remember that day? I will never forget it, and do you know it need never have happened had I obeyed my mother’s instructions. Don’t touch the matches.

From Adam and Eve, right to this present time, disobedience has always been our problem. Ever since Satan cast a sleight on the command of God and encouraged Eve to push back the boundaries as to what she was permitted to do in the garden of Eden, society has been in free fall. We want to do things our way.

Paul in Romans 5:19 reminds us that through the disobedience of Adam and Eve we have all become sinners. Disobedience is not a subject that we need to be taught, rather we were born with a bias toward sinning. Yet Jesus Christ, through his obedience and death on the cross, opens the door of opportunity for all who call upon Him. Eternal life is received through Christ and living in obedience to His commands. It is one thing to disobey a parent; it’s a totally different matter to disobey the Lord. So don’t push the boundaries, rather take heed of the instructions of scripture, and ask the Lord to deal with the consequences of disobedience in your life.

Eric McComb