15 December 2017

The persecuted church

Many of our Bible schools in the UK would be closed today if it were not for the influx of foreign students!

What a shameful picture of the apostate state of our nation here in the UK, that we have so few young people coming forward and responding to the “Call of God” to serve Him.

I have the privilege of regularly visiting a Communist nation in the Far East which is officially closed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, where God’s servants have to worship in total secret. Thousands would give their right arm to have freedom to attend Bible College. The 120 students we have in 3 classes (in 2 countries) meet for 1 week x 4 times per year for 10hr days, to study His word. Such hunger, enthusiasm and dedication at the risk of their lives. 12 young men from our classes have paid the ultimate price of martyrdom over the last 5yrs.

Many hundreds more believers in the villages (far away from the tourist’s eye) have literally disappeared, some have been brutally tortured and murdered by the secret police, their land confiscated, their homes burned, their children tortured and killed before their eyes, or taken away to communist orphanages never to see their parents again – all because they love Jesus and want to serve Him.

Most of these devoted men and women, who are already pastoring their little secret “House Church Groups”, so appreciate getting some Bible Training – in order to be able to go back to their villages and teach the thousands, who in spite of the severe persecution, are turning to Christ. They don’t ask us to pray for an end of the persecution, but remind me that “Persecution purifies the Church.” However, they do ask for prayer “to be strong, to stand up to be counted for Jesus!”

[Names withheld for security reasons]