17 December 2017



I owe everything to Him. I will do anything for Him.

The male brain is best described as being made up of ‘boxes’. Each of these boxes are individually named and contain specific topics, such as; work, football, family, money, golf… it can be anything – however there is one specific rule that must be obeyed:

none of the boxes touch each other at all, ever!

For example, if anyone asks me a question about the match last night, I carefully grab my football box, lift it out, ensuring I don’t touch any other box, open it up and continue to talk about last nights game.

In comparison however, the female brain is made up of a bunch of wires – similar to a large server room you would find in a large office with cables everywhere and all these wires are connected to everything!!! For example, if I come home from a long day’s work and ask my wife; “What’s for dinner honey?”

The response can vary but tends to include:

 details of the 20min car journey to the shops, who she waved too along the way and the other driver (female obviously!) who near cut her off the road

 the problem with obtaining a free trolley on arrival

 the 5 people who she bumped into including their life stories to date

 details on this week’s special sale items in aisle 11

 details on the products she bought just because they were on offer

 how much she saved in special offers in comparison to the last time

 and finally, a minute by minute description of the journey home

And all this just to find 15mins later that tonight we are having chicken and chips for dinner!

Now there is one box that each bloke has that women can’t seem to understand. This box is perhaps the single most important thing that makes us so unique as men: This box is called… wait for it…. THE NOTHING BOX. Ok, ladies this is when I make it up to you for the last paragraph, because most women can’t seem to understand how your husband can sit in front of a TV watching the same headlines being repeated every 15 minutes on Sky Sports News for hours on end and think of nothing while still breathing!

You can almost picture the scene in your head… in walks the wife; “Hi honey, what are you thinking about”… husband (with that dazed look in his eye); “Nothing”…. wife; “You must be thinking about something?”… husband; “…What?” – and so it begins!

However there is one thing that I think most men are guilty of as I was and still am and that’s having a GOD BOX.

This box is special as it only comes out on Sunday’s and at special ‘church’ or ‘christian’ events. You are almost scared to go anywhere near it whilst in work or deliberately avoid the need to open it despite knowing you should. You can keep it away from the other boxes in your life – your box when playing golf with your unsaved mates, or what about your ‘porn box’, or your ‘drinking box’, or your ‘gambling box’ that no-one knows about.

We have taken the Creator of the Universe, The Great I Am, Yahweh and we put Him in a box that we lift out and put away, as and when it suits.

In February’s edition we looked at CODE I – Jesus is my Captain, Brother, Rescuer & Friend.

When all of humanity was found guilty and sentenced to an eternity separated from God our Creator, He sent His only begotten Son – Jesus to take our punishment for our sins.This is why I owe Him everything to Him and why I will do anything for Him.

I need to take Him out of my ‘God Box’ and put Him in ALL of my other boxes – ALL of them!

My friends who know me, ‘warts and all’ have been working through The CodeLife for over 6 months now, we meet at least twice a month and take time to study ‘The Code’ and hold each accountable to it. I can honestly say it has been life changing for us all. You can join in and sign up at www.codelife.org.uk, where you can get a free bible study download for you and your friends. For Code II it’s 4 short videos you can watch and chat about afterwards.

Spud Murphy

Regional Director CVM Northern Ireland Email: spud@cvm.org.uk City Life Centre 143 Northumberland Street Belfast , BT13 2JF @spud4jc on twitter