15 December 2017

We are one

Sunday the 12th September saw our fist birthday celebration at New Horizon in Coleraine, which we entitled ‘We Are One’. Many thanks to all those who came along to encourage us and to share our late night spot and enjoy cake – of which there was and abundance.

raThe purpose of the evening was to give thanks to God for His goodness to us and His faithfulness in providing so many gifted contributors, advertisers and all those who help with the administration such as proof reading, enabling us to produce each issue of Rejoice Always. It was also an opportunity to introduce the team and to share our vision for the future. We interviewed Catherine Campbell and Gemma Wilson about how they started writing, what it is they are passionate about and how the creative process works.

The evening opened with ‘The Velvet Melodies’ singing songs interspersed with Scott McNamara sharing something of his journey to faith as featured in the May issue. Following this the audience were introduced to the ‘Rejoice Always’ production team and heard of what they did for a living as well as the role they played in the magazine.

Finally Keiron shared the purpose and vision of ‘Rejoice Always’. He explained the three reasons for the magazine’s existence. Firstly, to glorify God, by explaining the nature and character of God through sound doctrinal teaching. Secondly, to make known God’s plan of salvation through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. Thirdly, to build up believers in their relationship with God, that they might, by the power of the Holy Spirit within them, become more like Jesus.

The vision is to provide the church with a valuable resource for Christians at all stages of their journey of faith as well as being evangelistic in its content, such that it could be passed on to those who are not yet believers. The structure of the magazine is very deliberate and intentional. We start with the evangelism and outreach section packed with testimonies clearly demonstrating how God is working in people’s lives. This is followed by our Bible teaching as we seek to feed our readership from the Word of God, and finally but no less importantly we look at how this is worked day by day in our Christian living section.

The title ‘We Are One’ was chosen partly because we have now completed our first year in print, but more importantly because it emphasises our unity as believers. Christ speaks very clearly of the importance of unity in John 17 and as a non denominational magazine we focus on the things that unite us rather than our differences as evangelicals. In Christ there is no division. We are one under His authority and Lordship. He is the head and we are subjects in His kingdom.

Why did we create this magazine, in the midst of a recession, at a time when all publications are struggling? Because we believe that our nation needs God to move in revival. Revival has to start with the church, and for the church to be revived she must repent and to repent she needs to see her own sinfulness, and to do that she needs to behold the glory of God as Isaiah did (Isaiah 6:1-5).

The celebration ended with a request for help. The magazine is not yet financially viable and so we need to spread the word more widely throughout the nations encouraging others to sign up to receive it on a regular basis. Please pray for the continuing ministry of the magazine. As we always say, “If you like Rejoice Always please tell others, if you don’t please tell us.”