17 December 2017

WEC Trek

WEC Trek, the shortterm programme of WEC International aims to give Trekkers a real taste of what it means to engage in God’s big global mission. WEC is an agency that seeks to plant churches amongst unreached peoples and live out the gospel, serving the poor. Treks can be as short as four weeks, or as long as a year and WEC Trek can arrange treks for teams (including church teams), or for individuals.

In August 2011 a Trek team of eleven went to South Africa for three weeks to work amongst the Zulu people. We started out as strangers but after a few days people felt we’d known each other for years. We became like a family. Our destination was Melusi Christian Community in Dundee, a 4-hour drive from Durban. We were part of everything that was regularly going on at Melusi. There was a whirlwind of things to do and we were amazed at how this community ran so many fruitful programmes. Onsite there is a vegetable garden where people come to work for food, there is a Care Centre where HIV/TB patients come (many come to die), also there is space for 12 ‘residents’ to stay (usually men who have alcohol / drug addictions and have nowhere to go). The residents get food, accommodation, and ‘Life Skills’ teaching from the staff.

Outside of the community, Melusi run Kids’ Clubs and a crèche in the local townships, deliver food parcels to the poor, teach English and go door to door to lead Bible studies. They also hold a church meeting onsite, which is attended by a variety of people from the local community.

As a WEC mission centre, the community runs completely by faith so it relies on donations and gifts to function and we saw just how faithful God is in providing. The menu depended on that day’s delivery, one day for dinner we ate pumpkin soup with pumpkin chips and pumpkin bread followed by pumpkin cake!While we were in Melusi, we painted murals at a new primary school and ran an openair meeting at the local taxi rank. Our team initially struggled with the idea of doing the open-air meeting. We needed a megaphone to overcome the noise at the taxi rank and as we prayed for one I am sure many were hoping it would not come. Miraculously one was donated the day before and it was amazing how people responded to our mimes and stories. They even danced and sang in the street with us.

Towards the end of our trek we spent time in the Care Centre, singing and praying for the patients. One man was 37 years old and had 2 children. He was so thin it was astonishing. He had a very dry sense of humour that made us all laugh. One night when we prayed for him he began to cry and pulled the blankets over his face so we couldn’t see. When asked what he wanted prayer for he said, “Pray for me to live so I can see my children grow up.”

One weekend we visited a game reserve where we saw giraffes, a leopard, deer, wilderbeast, a rhino with her baby, monkeys, baboons, zebras and more – all in the wild. It was an amazing experience!

Here is what two members of the team said about the trip:

“Melusi really lives up to its Zulu name, translated ‘The Shepherd’. A Christian Community – a faith mission, inspiring, peaceful, prayerful, trusting and faithful disciples and servants of Jesus Christ. They know that He is there for them and that He will provide for their needs. So refreshing for those of us who had come from an ‘I want …’ – ‘I don’t want …’ society and a big lesson in grace! My stay at Melusi has been an unquestionable blessing.”

“The experience that I received whilst in South Africa was more God-sent than I ever imagined it could be. Being part of a vibrant team with members of different ages and backgrounds was such a blessing and opened my heart and mind up to God more, so that I learnt much about myself. I got a fuller realisation of how much more I could trust God with my whole being and that with Him my life would be better than I could ever make it by myself, whether in the UK, or abroad. The team was so supportive and I will always remember the chats I had with them, learning from their experiences. I really encourage you to be a part of a WEC Trek team and open yourselves to new possibilities. It will give you so many new experiences to add to your life.”

Wayne & Sue Robinson

For more information see our website: www.wec-int.org.uk/shortterm-trek or contact: Wayne & Sue Robinson 01753 278114